Thinking about buying a technology solution, system or hardware at Davidson?

Whether you need to buy a laptop for a new employee, or want to purchase academic or administrative software for college use, Technology & Innovation (T&I) can assist you in the process.

Computer Workstation

T&I facilitates the purchase, setup and ongoing security of all college-owned computers, regardless of who pays for the device.

  • Department-paid: Departments pay the initial cost to buy the primary workstation for newly created positions; those computers are then replaced by T&I on a four year cycle. Other computers, such as research lab systems and others funded with new faculty startup funds, are always paid from departmental or faculty/grant funds, not by T&I.
  • T&I-paid: Most Davidson employees receive a college-owned Mac or Windows laptop or desktop for their use. These computers are replaced every four years. T&I also replaces computers in classrooms, computer labs/clusters and selected teaching labs on a regular cycle.

Computer Workstation Purchasing Policy

Computer Purchasing Standards

Discounted Computers for Faculty, Staff & Students

Academic Software

The college centrally funds academic software licenses for products that are used by multiple departments and academic programs. As permitted by license restrictions, T&I installs this software on computer cluster/loaner laptops and distributes it to students, faculty and staff.

T&I’s Engagement team reviews requests for new academic software and shares them with the campus’s Educational Technology Committee. With the committee’s approval, T&I may fund a pilot of new academic software for two semesters. Software that is adopted by three or more departments is a candidate to be paid for from the central college software budget, depending on usage and cost. T&I and the committee also seek opportunities to discontinue funding for software that is little-used. To submit a request for academic software, contact your T&I relationship manager.

Administrative Software & Enterprise Applications

Davidson uses over 200 administrative software applications, from departmental applications used by specific teams to enterprise-level software such as Banner. Our Engagement team works with departments and divisions to continually assess technology needs that may apply to the entire campus. 


As a general rule, and subject to T&I’s approval of the selected system, department- or division-specific technology solutions are funded and managed by the unit using the solution. Costs for solutions used by multiple divisions are either shared by those divisions or transferred to T&I. The division(s) funding the service make decisions about the solution’s renewal, replacement or retirement. Regardless of who covers costs, solutions used by the college must meet T&I application expectations (login required).

Purchasing Process

If you or your department are considering a new application or a contract related to technology, contact T&I. Our Engagement team will work with you to perform a thorough assessment, including:

Per the college’s contract policy (login required), our Chief Information Officer will also perform a review of the solution, prior to general counsel review.