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An interview is an opportunity for your interviewer and you to determine your suitability for the position. It is a two-way evaluation of your fit with the organization. Preparation is key to making a positive impression. It is essential for you to know yourself, know the organization, and be prepared to give specific examples as to why you are an excellent fit for the position. We advise students to spend significant time preparing for interviews.

Davidson Interview Preparation Resources

Career Development Interview Guide

Interview Preparation with Help from Davidson Alumni and Parents through the Davidson Career Advisor Network (DCAN)

More than 750 Davidson alumni and parents have signed up through the Davidson Career Advisor Network (DCAN) to help you practice for your upcoming interview. This is an excellent opportunity to prepare with industry insiders who have dedicated their time to helping you achieve success in landing an internship, job or entrance in to graduate school. 

Interview Preparation with Help from InterviewStream or a Career Development Adviser

InterviewStream is an online tool that allows you to practice your interviewing skills through your laptop and a webcam. Using the system you can set up interview questions and record your answers for an easy self-assessment. Use your Davidson email address when registering.

Career Development offers 60-minute mock interviews with our career advisors where you can practice answering interview questions and get valuable feedback in a low-pressure situation. Stop by the center or call 704-894-2132 to schedule your session. 

General Interview Preparation Videos & Resources

Interview Insider (From Ernst & Young - Great advice for all interview situations)
Interview Do's and Don'ts (From
Consulting Case Interview Preparation (From Career Development)
What to Wear to an Interview (From

For additional interview tips, you can visit our interviewing, men's interview attire, and women's interview attire boards on Pinterest.