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HOV Driver Certification

In order to drive a Davidson College High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV), you must complete HOV certification training here on campus. Drivers must also meet Motor Vehicle requirements to drive any campus vehicle.

HOV Certification

Drivers pursuing HOV certification to drive vehicles with more than seven passengers must follow these procedures:

  • Email Jill Lowe to initiate the driver background check and begin the certification process
  • After eligibility to drive an HOV vehicle is confirmed, the driver will receive an email from Motor Pool containing a web link to the Safe Colleges Driver test
  • When a driver passes the Safe Colleges Driver test, Motor Pool will email the driver the upcoming dates for HOV vehicle training (see dates below)
  • After passing HOV driver training and signing the Driver Agreement Form, the driver is authorized to drive an HOV
  • Drivers must read the Motor Pool Guidelines to understand and comply with driver responsibilities
  • Students must notify their faculty/staff sponsor of HOV driver authorization.

Driver certification is only required once during employment or enrollment.


Student Motor Vehicle Record checks will be conducted annually by Human Resources. Any violation of the Motor Pool Guidelines may result in a suspension or loss of privilege to drive a college vehicle. 

HOV Driver Training Dates

All driver training sessions begin at 3 p.m. in the Baker Sports parking lot in the bay closest to Concord Road.

  • Friday, Jan 25
  • Thursday, Feb 7
  • Friday, Feb 15
  • Thursday, Feb 21
  • Thursday, Feb 28
  • Friday, Mar 15
  • Thursday, Mar 28
  • Thursday, Apr 11
  • Friday, Apr 26
  • Thursday, May 2