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Political Organizations

The student body at Davidson is dynamic and diverse, with different political beliefs. To foster knowledge sharing and proactive discourse, the school supports many student-led political organizations on campus.

Center for Political Engagement (CPE)

The CPE fosters a more politically active campus by frequently offering students enriching opportunities to engage in political discourse, learn from leaders in public policy, and gain practical experience in the political arena.

College Republicans

The group promotes and provides information about the Republican agenda both locally and nationally. It also sponsors Republican speakers on campus.

College Democrats

The group supports the philosophy and the candidates of the Democratic party and aims to increase student awareness of and participation in Democratic efforts.

Davidson Animal Welfare Group

To raise awareness of animal cruelty in the Davidson student body, and do activities and events that could help change minds and help non-human animals.

Divest Davidson

Divest Davidson employs tactics of non-violent direct action, solidarity organizing and community organizing to demand Davidson College divests its endowments 15 million dollar holdings in fossil fuel corporations.

International Justice Mission

The campus chapter of the International Justice Mission aims to involve the community in the international movement against human trafficking.