Accessing Tuition Information

Students and parents/selected proxies will need to complete the following alternating steps:

  1. Student: Login to Banner Self-Service. Select the "Proxy Access" tab at the top. Add email addresses for any individuals who should have access to your tuition information.

  2. Parent/Selected Proxy: Once your student has added your email address, you will receive an email with the subject "New Proxy Identity". Open the email to obtain the link and a temporary action password, which will allow you to register as a proxy. A "reset PIN "notification will pop up. The Old Pin = Your Temporary Action Password. The New Pin is to be established by you.

  3. Student: Once your parent/proxy has registered, you will need to establish permissions allowed to that proxy (ex: View Address, Aid Award Overview, Tuition and Fee Balances, View Holds, Tax (1098-T) Notification). Select the "Authorizations" tab to complete this step, and then click on "E-Mail Authorizations" to notify your parent/proxy that their proxy access is complete.

  4. Parent/Selected Proxy: Once your student has selected your authorizations, you will receive an "Updated Proxy Access Authorizations" email, providing you with the link to log in. Please check your account regularly for updates, as you will not receive separate notifications each time a charge or payment is applied.

For more information, please contact our office at and view our frequently asked questions.