Recently Funded Research Grants

A Discourse on the Effects of CFA Franc in Ivory Coast's Banking Sector

by Nadia Baye ‘22

Nadia explored the impacts of the CFA Franc on Ivorian Citizens’ access to currency, the effects on the banking system as well as the gains and drawbacks of the currency. She also collected data through interviews with economists and bankers in Abidjan and interviewed the IMF director to Ivory Coast, the Lead economist at African Development Bank, the Head of Financial Markets at Standard Chartered Bank, and a Professor of French and Francophone studies at Dalhousie University.

Associations Between Malaria Infection at the First Antenatal Visit and Pregnancy Outcomes: A Longitudinal Cohort Study in Rural Western Uganda

by Rachel Clubine-Horowitz ‘23

Rachel attended Bugoye Level III Health Centre in the Kasese District of Uganda to conduct research for a senior Public Health thesis project “Mind the Gap: Preventing Mother-to-Child Transmission of Hepatitis B in rural Uganda.” The project involved conducting interviews with midwives and pregnant women presenting for care at four primary health centers in the Kasese District of Uganda, with the goal of understanding factors contributing to high rates of MiP in the region.

Green Rebates and Feebates; Electric Vehicle Incentive Efficacy and Policy Salience in France

by Luca Voichick ‘22

Luca traveled to Switzerland to research the impact of electric vehicle purchase premiums on vehicle markets for thesis project. He conducted research on how government incentives can influence a particular region’s emissions and better understand how regional French characteristics influence policy awareness. The goal of his research project was to advocate for more effective policies aimed at tackling climate change.