We acknowledge that applying for a travel grant can be stressful, but we have gathered helpful information to serve as a guide throughout the process.

Please read the information in this section carefully and follow the instructions; this will ensure that the application process operates smoothly. It is best to apply early as the Dean Rusk International Studies office receives numerous applicants each cycle. Your application for travel grants will not be considered until we have received all the necessary documents as requested by the online application.

Drafting Your Proposal

  • Start planning early.
  • Include details about how this project reflects your own intellectual interests, course of study, or your future plans.
  • Talk to advisers and establish promising contacts abroad such as organizations, individuals, or institutions (as needed for the grant).
  • Include a budget that accurately presents the project's costs.
  • Apply during the appropriate Dean Rusk Program grant cycle.

Sample Dean Rusk Travel Grant Application

The Dean Rusk travel grant application consists of multiple short essays. We have provided a sample of how applicants should structure their essays. (The location, project ideas, and other aspects of the written responses are fictional.)

Part 1: Introduction

Prompt: Please provide a brief description of your proposed travel and/or research plans that positions it within your field of study. The reviewer should be able to understand why it is important for you to travel or perform this research and what the big picture implications of your work might be. Your writing should be clear, concise and jargon free. (100 word limit)

Sample Response: I am a math major with a passion for music. I am also interested in Buddhist meditation and East Asian music and culture.

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Part 2: Project Description

Prompt: Please provide a description of the processes, procedures and/or methods you will use to accomplish your proposed project. Please provide a short discussion of any resources you might need that are not readily available and how you will access them. Please be sure your writing here is clear and as jargon free as possible. (500-750 word limit)

Sample Response: I wish to explore gamelan music in Indonesia by attending concerts and studying with a teacher and performer at the Javenese Gamelan Ensemble. As a guitarist, I am especially interested in learning to play the rebab, a bow-string instrument. I also wish to see how gamelan  music is used in Buddhist and Javanese religious practices.

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Part 3: Presenting Your Project

Prompt: Please list at least one example where you will present your work. Examples include The Verna Miller Case Symposium for Research and Creative Works in the spring, a local, national or international professional meeting in your field, as part of your thesis or capstone work or as part of another campus event etc. If applicable, please include a one sentence description of how you plan to support your travel to this event.

Sample Response: I plan to request permission to take video of performances and blog about my experiences on my Davidson domain website. I hope to make a short video of me performing on the rebab, a bowed string instrument, which I could submit for the VMC symposium.

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