Dining Office

Questions? Comments or concerns? Please feel welcome to contact Dining Services director Pinky Varghese with any inquiries you may have about dining at Davidson College.

Pinky Varghese

  • Director of Dining Services
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Tabeer Khan

  • Culinary Dietician
Headshot of Tabeer Khan

Emma Pasour

  • Marketing Coordinator
Headshot of Emma Pasour

Don Piercy

  • Office Manager
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Vail Commons

Bonnie Dunavent

  • Associate Director of Board Plan
Bonnie Dunavent headshot

Craig Mombert

  • Executive Chef
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Davis Café

Terri Stevens

  • Davis Café Manager

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Jonathan Dalton

  • Qdoba General Manager



Davidson College Qdoba 

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The Commons Market

Carl DiMasi

  • Commons Market Manager



The Commons Market

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Much Ado Catering

Krystal Davis

  • Administrative Assistant



Much Ado Catering

Pronouns: she/her/hers


headshot of Krystal Davis

Elizabeth McGill

  • Associate Director of Dining Services | Catering

Justin Walters

  • Catering Chef
Headshot of Justin Walters

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