The Student Health Center operates as most medical offices, with strict confidentiality policies and set procedures for medical orders, payment, and insurance.

Medical History and Physical Examination Form

All incoming Davidson students must complete and submit a Medical History and Physical Examination Form (PDF) before enrolling. 

Payment for Services

Outpatient visits with a nurse or physician at the Student Health Center are free of charge, while certain laboratory tests, supplies and medications carry costs and are billed to the student's account through the controller's office.

If a student is referred to Davidson Family Medicine for testing that is not available at the Student Health Center, such as an x-ray or EKG, the student is responsible for payment of associated charges. Davidson Family Medicine will file insurance claims, so the student should bring all insurance information to the appointment.

If a student is covered by the health insurance plan offered by the college, the charges generated at the Student Health Center will be filed by our staff and covered in their entirety.


Each student must have medical insurance, either through a private insurance company plan or the insurance package offered through the college's Academic Health Plan.

Students will see the fee for the college-offered plan on their fall tuition bills, and have until Aug. 1, to opt out of the plan by submitting an online waiver.

The Student Health Center files insurance claims for students covered by the college policy, but does not file claims with private insurance companies. Students can request universal claim forms to submit to their private insurance companies for reimbursement.

Medical Records

Student medical records are housed in the Student Health Center and are strictly confidential. Student medical information is not released to parents, college officials or others without written authorization from the student. 

Release of Health Information Form

A student must complete and sign a Release of Health Information Form (PDF) in order to authorize a release of his/her medical records to others.

Medical Excuses

Davidson College operates on the honor system, therefore the Student Health Center does not write medical excuses for students. With permission from the student, health center staff members will verify that a student visited the center.

Medical Orders

For medical and legal reasons, the Student Health Center cannot take orders from physician parents or family physicians, with the exception of written orders for lab work.