The Udall Foundation awards scholarships to college sophomores and juniors for leadership, public service and commitment to issues related to Native American nations or to the environment. 

The Udall Scholarship honors the legacies of Morris Udall and Stewart Udall, whose careers had a significant impact on Native American self-governance, health care and the stewardship of public lands and natural resources. 

General Eligibility

Please see the program website for specific eligibility requirements for each award category.

Scholarships are awarded to students in three categories:

  • Environmental: Students who have demonstrated commitment to careers related to the environment.
  • Tribal public policy: Native American and Alaska Native students who have demonstrated commitment to careers related to tribal public policy.
  • Native health care: Native American and Alaska Native students who have demonstrated commitment to careers related to Native health care.

Davidson College is invited to nominate up to eight candidates annually: four in the environmental category and four total in the tribal public policy and Native health categories. 

  • Class year: Sophomore or junior at the time of application
  • Citizenship: U.S. citizens, nationals, or permanent residents. Permanent residents must submit verification (a copy of the green card) and a letter of intent to declare U.S. citizenship.

Other eligibility guidelines:

  • Applicants must be intending to pursue careers in fields related to the environment, health care, or tribal public policy as defined above.

Application Process

Davidson Udall candidates must apply to Davidson first to be considered for nomination, followed by the official Udall process if nominated. Individual applications submitted directly to the Udall Foundation will not be accepted. Candidates who do not follow the outlined procedures will not be considered.

The campus nomination application process and resources are available in the Udall Fellowships Toolkit article (Handshake login required). 

Learn More

For more information, contact the Office of Fellowships at or schedule an Office of Fellowships advising appointment with Gaylena Merritt, Director for Fellowships through Handshake (login required).

Davidson Udall Scholars

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