There isn't one typical schedule or one standard for students interested in a particular major. Because the first two years emphasize general requirements, a wide variety of course selections will be both appropriate and desirable.

As you plan your schedule, think of alternates as well as your preferred four courses. Your four academic (credit) courses ideally should represent four different subjects. If this if your first semester, open yourself to new subjects, to continue a foreign language you have begun or to start a new language.

Many students will take a writing course in the fall while others may choose to wait until spring. Taking a diverse group of courses in your first year has another huge advantage: you open yourself to new interests that you didn't know you had.

All students must take four one- credit courses each semester. Non-credit courses are not one of the four, and you do not include it in your WebTree selections. Non-credit courses include applied music (not for credit), military science, and physical education courses. All student must complete the non-credit Davidson 101 requirement their first year.  Students are encouraged, but not required, to complete the physical education requirement by the end of their sophomore year. Register for a physical education class.

Having pre-college credits (AP, IB, etc.) does not allow a student to register for fewer than four courses.