Group counseling is a form of therapy where 5-10 group members share personal struggles together with group leaders.

Group can be the best treatment choice for students to address life challenges and/or mental health concerns.

Most issues take place in social environments, such as among families or in schools, workplaces, clubs and organizations. We interact and develop in this social setting, therefore most of our mental health concerns can be best dealt with in a social situation like group counseling. Group counseling is a safe and supportive environment to share your concerns, learn from one another, experiment with new behaviors and better understand your issues.

Fall 2020 Group Offerings

Brown Soap Box: Women of Color at a PWI

Leader: Alexis Fintchre, M.A.

Time/Day: Wednesdays 4:30 – 5:30 p.m.; September 9 – November 4

Description:  Rooted in Liberation psychology, Feminist and Relational Cultural therapy, this support group focuses on exploring current issues of racial, ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic difference on campus and how it affects our women of color. This group will challenge college/societal norms and highlight the value and power of intersectionality through dialogue, artwork, written and/or spoken word.

Eligibility: If you identify as a person of color with personal experiences in the struggles and triumphs of being a woman in society, this group may be beneficial in your journey to connect with and empower other women in your community.

Place: Virtually via Zoom with the potential of meeting safely for an in-person group (pending). There is a strict limit to 10 persons per Zoom meeting.

Sign-up/Register: If you are interested in joining Brown Soap Box or would like more information, please email the group facilitator Alexis Fintchre at

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COVID Support Group

Leader: Susan Denny, M.S.

Time/Day: Fridays, 1:30 – 3 p.m.; Dates TBD

Description: A weekly, drop-in support group to discuss and share how COVID-19 has affected you, whether you're struggling with self-isolation or imposed isolation/quarantine. Learn tips to deal with stress and share yours with others. Contact Ms. Susan Denny at if interested in attending.

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Grief Circle

Leader: John Brunelle, Ph.D.

Time/Day: Thursdays, 12 – 1 p.m; September 24 – Indefinite

Description: A grief circle provides participants the opportunity to share their individual stories of loss, allowing members to express their unique reactions/feelings, identify the challenges of living with and working through the loss, and listening, supporting, and empowering each other to make sense, make meaning, and make a level of peace with each of their respective losses. It is a weekly confidential, small group experience facilitated by Dr. John Brunelle. If interested, please contact Dr. Brunelle at for more information.

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Koru Mindfulness Support Group

Leader: David Graham, Ph.D.

Time/Day: Thursdays, 4 – 5 p.m.; September 3 – November 5

Description: Koru Mindfulness is an evidenced-based experiential program specifically designed for teaching mindfulness and meditation as way to manage stress and reduce anxiety. Students will learn specific skills that help calm and focus their mind, including breathing exercises, guided imagery, body scan, and more! This group is for students who are looking for better ways to manage stress, and more importantly, enhance their lives and develop the wisdom that will guide them as they make important life decisions. If interested, please contact Dr. David Graham at for more information.

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Leader: Jasmine Peters, M.Ed.            

Time/Day: Wednesdays, 4 – 5 p.m.; September 16 – November 18

Description: PRIDE is a weekly virtual drop in peer support space where students who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community can build connections with their fellow peers. This space seeks to provide support and assist students in building community at Davidson. This is not a therapy group and students interested in pursuing therapy should contact the counseling center directly. For those students interested in the support space, please email Jasmine Peters at The email should include your name, year and availability. Upon receiving your email of interest, Jasmine will reach out to you directly to schedule a virtual screening appointment.

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Survivors of Sexual Trauma Group

Leader: Jessica Groleau, Ph.D.

Time/Day: Thursdays 5 – 6:30 p.m.; September 17 – November 5 (Group currently full/closed)

Description: The Center for Student Health & Well-Being will hold an 8-week therapy group for students who have experienced sexual trauma. This group will be held virtually on Thursday evenings from 5–6:30 p.m., from September 17 – November 5. 

Eligibility: Currently enrolled Davidson students who have experienced sexual violence at any point in their lives may participate in this group. Due to professional licensing laws, students must be located in the state of North Carolina in order to receive therapy services. Unfortunately, students who are living out of state this semester will not be able to participate. 

Attendance: Attendance is mandatory for all 8 weeks. This is not a drop-in group and space is limited to 10 students, so you should only sign up if you can commit to attending for the duration of the group.

How to sign up: If you would like more information, please contact the group leader Dr. Jessica Groleau at Before joining the group, you will attend a 30-minute pre-group session with Dr. Groleau to discuss your goals.

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Davidson Life Skills Workshop Series

Leaders: Counseling Services Staff

Time/Day: Thursdays, 11:10 a.m. – 12 p.m.; September 10 – October 15

Description: This series includes a group of six psychoeducational workshops that help students navigate the social, emotional, and intellectual challenges of surviving and thriving at Davidson College. Each workshop is a "stand alone" discussion, allowing students to pick and choose which workshops they would like to attend. The workshop series will be offered in the following order: Imposter Syndrome (Sep 10); Confidence (Sep 17); Self-Compassion (Sep 24); Radical Self-Care (Oct 1); Mastering Procrastination (Oct 8); and Conflict Resolution (Oct 15). The series will be repeated at least one more time, based on student interest (dates/times to be determined). Please contact Dr. John Brunelle at to express your initial interest, including what workshops you plan on attending.

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Interested in Forming Other Groups/Workshops?

Groups are generally offered and developed based on student needs and interests. Each semester, the center develops a group offering that addresses current issues that have emerged from the student population. Individuals or student groups are welcomed and encouraged to request/suggest a group to address topics/issues they find relevant and important.  

Please contact the Clinical Director of Counseling, John Brunelle (, if you are interested in participating in or developing a group.