Technology & Innovation (T&I) protects our computing environment by keeping systems up to date, maintaining security industry best practices (including two-factor authentication for logins) and reviewing and testing new technology under consideration.

We work hard to ensure that Davidson’s systems and data are secure, and ask students, faculty and staff to partner with us by:

  • Report suspicious emails. Any phishing attempts, scams and unusual error messages should be reported to the T&I Support Center at
  • Securely manage your passwords. For your Davidson account, use a password you don’t use for anything else. For your personal devices, use fingerprint or face recognition if available. Use a password management tool to avoid writing passwords down.
  • Enable automatic updates on your devices. Keep operating systems and applications current. Updates often contain security patches critical to protecting data and reducing vulnerabilities.
  • Consult with T&I before purchasing. Ensure technology products or solutions are eligible and secure for college use.
  • Be aware of Davidson’s policies. Staff should be familiar with the Administrative Data Security Policy.

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