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First-Year Course Selection Advice

Your first year isn't really about a major; it's about opening doors and taking advantage of the breadth of courses offered by your college. Now is the time to try studying something new. Taking a diverse group of courses in your first year gives you a huge advantage: you open yourself up to interests you didn't know you had.

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Here are a few tips for choosing your first-year courses.

  • Your priority should be fulfilling your Ways of Knowing (general education) requirements. These courses precede and support more specialized courses and are the core of your education.
  • Your first year is a good time to get started on your foreign language requirement by continuing to study a foreign language or beginning to study a new one.
  • It's recommended that you finish your physical education requirement by the end of your second year, so think about getting started during your first. A physical education class doesn't count as one of the four academic courses you are required to take every semester. Don't put it on your WebTree registration form.
  • Every student must satisfy the Writing requirement their first year at Davidson.  You can fulfill this requirement by taking a course listed under the College Writing Program designated as WRI 101.  The only exception is for students completing the Humanities 103/104 sequence

What About a Major?

You may be certain of what your major will be on day one and stick with it until graduation. Your major may wind up being something you discovered you enjoyed while fulfilling another requirement. That's why exploring is important.

In your first year, consider taking a beginning course in your possible major to get acquainted with study of that subject at the college level. This will help you decide whether the major you think you will choose is right for you. If you are still seriously considering a major in a department, you should discuss your plans with a member of that department.

Don't worry about choosing a major now. It's a big decision. Don't rush it. You don't have to declare a major until the second semester of your sophomore year. Visit our Majors and Programs page for more information on majors offered at Davidson.

Special Opportunities for First-Year Students

The humanities department offers a program that brings together professors from many of Davidson's academic departments, including Art, Classics, English, German, History, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Religion.

This program is only open to first-year students in their first semester.