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Grant for MalawiThe Chaplain's Office awards a variety of grants to Davidson College students. Full descriptions of the grants may be found below. The goal of these grant programs is to give students opportunities to express and explore faith and spiritual life in a global context. Students of any religious tradition or spiritual or secular background are eligible to apply for Chaplain's Office grants. Note that most Chaplain's Office grants may not be used to cover expenses related to credit-bearing academic courses (e.g., tuition, fees, travel, lodging, etc.). Grant applications are evaluated by the Chaplain's Office staff and an advisory committee. (Note: The Dean Rusk International Studies Program also offers Hanafi grants oriented towards religious pluralism. See below for further details.)


Grant applications are due by 5 p.m. on the due dates indicated below. No late applications will be accepted.

Conference Grants

The Chaplain's Office awards grants of up to $200 for students to attend conferences centered on faith or spirituality. Conference Grants are awarded on a rolling basis throughout the academic year. Conference Grant applications are due one month prior to the start date of the conference. Since funds are limited, these grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until available funds are exhausted. Ordinarily, no student will be awarded more than one Conference Grant in a single academic year. (However, receipt of a Conference Grant does not preclude a student from receiving other types of grants available from the Office of the Chaplain.) Apply online (login required) for a Conference Grant.

Winter, Spring, and Summer Break Grants

Chaplain's Office Grants for service, study, or experiential learning that relates to or embodies expressions of spirituality or religious faith are awarded three times a year: Winter, spring, and summer breaks. The funds for these grants come from several sources, and each has its own set of criteria. Students are encouraged to read the detailed descriptions below to determine which grants may apply to the experience for which they wish to submit a grant application. Students who receive a winter or spring break grant remain eligible to apply for a summer break grant. Submit a grant application (login required).

Note: Except for the Warner Hall Grant, Chaplain's Office grants may not be used to cover expenses related to credit-bearing academic courses (e.g., tuition, fees, travel, lodging, etc.). The application deadlines for the 2017-2018 academic year are:

  • Winter break grants: Friday, Oct. 12, 2018 by 5 p.m.
  • Spring break grants: Friday, Jan. 25, 2019 by 5 p.m.
  • Summer break grants: Friday, March 15, 2019 by 5 p.m.

Spiritual Exploration/Staley Grant

(Available for winter, spring, and summer breaks)
Spiritual Exploration/Staley Grants are awarded to students for short-term study, service, mission, or experiential learning, either domestic or international, that relates to or embodies expressions of spirituality or religious faith. The maximum grant award is $500 for winter or spring break, and $3,000 for summer break.

McCall Grant

(Available for summer break only)
McCall Grants are awarded to students seeking to broaden their cultural, economic, ethnic or social horizons through study or service true to a Christian vision. Applicants do not need to have a religious affiliation, nor must their projects be explicitly religious in nature. McCall Grants typically are awarded for experiences abroad, but proposals for domestic experiences will be considered if they meet the criteria. The maximum McCall Grant award is $3,000.

Warner Hall Pre-Ministerial Travel/Study Grant

(Available for summer break only)
Warner Hall Grants are awarded for travel and study outside the United States. In accordance with the donor's wishes, these grants are for students intending or considering a Christian church vocation. They typically are awarded during the summer following the student's sophomore or junior year. The maximum Warner Hall Grant is $4,000.

Hanafi Grant

(Administered by the Dean Rusk International Studies Program)
Hanafi grant awards allow students to explore religious traditions other than their own for an extended period of time outside of the United States. Hanafi awards can support a wide range of academic or experiential activities.  These awards provide opportunities to deepen your own faith and to gain appreciation for religious pluralism by experiencing a tradition that is different from the one you grew up in or practice today. Interested students should apply through the regular Dean Rusk grant application process. 

Criteria for the Evaluation of Grant Applications

The following evaluation criteria apply to winter, spring, and summer break grant applications: 

  • Clear description of the proposed experience and how it relates specifically to spiritual/religious exploration, service, or study
  • Evidence of care being put into the application (attention to detail/proofreading, complete and specific budget, thoughtful reflection on why the student wishes to undertake the experience)
  • Depth of responsibility, reflection, and initiative the student is assuming in the proposed experience
  • Length or impact of the proposed experience (longer projects, or those that appear to have the potential to have a great impact, though they may be brief, are given preference)
  • Articulation of how the proposed experience will complement other aspects of the liberal arts education we seek to foster
  • Connection (if appropriate) with the student's long-term vocational goals