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Sustainability Cooperative

The Sustainability Cooperative house is located at 439 N. Main Street. The Co-op is a standalone residence that accommodates 10 students. Each member of the Co-op shares in the responsibility for cleanliness of the facility and holds a different responsibility within the house. The Co-op is directly supported in partnership by the Residence Life Office and the Sustainability Office.

The Co-op offers two different types of rooms, doubles and singles, and rooms are charged at the double room rate or a suite/single room rate, depending on the actual room assignment. Residents will set expectations at the beginning fall regarding sharing and paying for meals at the Co-op in addition to any on-campus meal plans.

Applications for the Sustainability Co-op

Students who want to live in the Co-op will need to submit a Co-op application according to the spring lottery timeline. A link to the application will be included in an email from Jason Shaffer, director of Residence Life. A committee will review essay responses and determine who is selected to live in the Co-op. Priority for selection will be given to those students able to live in the house the entire academic year.