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Culture & Diversity

Students can closely connect to their own cultural and ethnic backgrounds, as well as to the backgrounds of the students around them, through a vast array of cultural clubs, organizations, and leadership opportunities.

Asian Culture and Awareness Association (ACAA)

The Asian Culture and Awareness Association is committed to promoting awareness about the contributions of Asians and Asian Americans. ACAA strives to maintain a sense of unity among the Asian-American students while inviting all students, Asian and non-Asian, to explore and cultivate their interests in Asian and Asian-American culture.

Black Student Coalition (BSC)

The Black Student Coalition aims to establish and maintain a spirit of solidarity and support among the black students; to recognize the contributions of black persons to the college; and to embrace the diverse origins of the community.

Building Tomorrow

Building Tomorrow is an organization on campus dedicated to raising awareness of and funds for vulnerable Ugandan youth, including those affected by HIV/AIDS. We are currently working on to raise money to build a school for a community in Kampala, Uganda.

Chinese Culture Club (CCC)

Chinese Culture Club seeks to foster an understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture, language and current affairs. CCC hosts regular discussions about topics relevant to Chinese culture and events in the Sinosphere and serves as a resource for students interested in work or study in greater China.

Davidson International Association (DIA)

Davidson International Association is open to all students interested in promoting cultural awareness and global interdependence. DIA seeks to provide a forum to address international concerns and foster greater cultural harmony.

Dean Rusk Global Corps

Dean Rusk Global Corps conceives and implements programs, sponsors cultural events, and finds creative ways to share international news with the campus community. Our goal is to foster a campus culture that engages students on global issues and provides them with an international perspective.

French Club

The French Club seeks to foster and support interest in the French language and francophone cultures among all members of the community. By sponsoring activities on and around campus, we hope to bring greater awareness to francophone cultures without a fluency in French.


Hillel provides opportunities for the celebration of Jewish holidays and the exploration of Jewish heritage and faith by both people who are and are not Jewish.

Middle Eastern and North African Student Association (MENASA)

MENASA is an organization that focuses on addressing political and current event topics relating to all areas of the Middle East. MENASA also strives to spread cultural awareness on campus through Middle Eastern-themed events and parties involving food, music, dancing, costume, and other cultural traditions from various parts of the diverse region.

Muslim Students Association (MSA)

The purpose of the Muslim Students Association is to facilitate a forum of education on Islam, the world's second largest and fastest growing religion, for Muslims and non-Muslims. MSA helps Muslim students find their place in the college environment. The MSA also celebrates Muslim holidays and promotes peace and cooperation with all other religious groups on campus.

Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS)

OLAS fosters and maintains a spirit of solidarity among students interested in Hispanic cultures, including but not limited to Spanish speaking countries and their descendants. OLAS is an all-inclusive organization committed to promoting of the uniqueness of Hispanic cultures by providing a wide range of opportunities to participate in social, cultural, and/or community service events for all students, Hispanic or non-Hispanic.

Society of Secular Students

The purpose of this organization is threefold: a) to provide awareness of secular and nontheistic lifestyles and debunk stereotypes regarding them; b) to provide a forum for discussion of issues facing atheists and secularists; c) to provide service opportunities for the irreligious similar to those of religiously oriented service groups.

Texture Healthy Hair Club

The purpose of this organization is to have an open space to share tips and techniques to maintain healthy hair. We will provide a platform for all people to voice their hair stories and issues surrounding their hair and expression. We will be the source to raise awareness of various hair types, inspire others to embrace natural beauty and educate the interested community about the art of hair through tutorials, films, poetry, and other engaging events.

Unless otherwise indicated, the student organization websites listed on this page were created and are maintained by Davidson students and/or their advisers, to whom questions regarding the sites should be directed.