Health Educator

Georgia Ringle, MPH plans campus-wide health programs and also meets students individually or in small groups to discuss a wide range of topics, from drinking to sexual identity to relationships and more. Georgia maintains an open-door policy, respecting students' right to privacy while providing them with the opportunity to drop in and ask questions about any topics.

If you would like to meet with Georgia one-on-one, or schedule a program for your residence hall or student organization, email her at, call 704-894-2902, or stop by her office on the lower level of the Student Health Center.

Student Health Advisors

Student health advisers work under the direction of the health educator, volunteering their time to help provide health and wellness programming campus-wide. They also keep the health educator informed of campus concerns and issues.

Want to be a student health adviser?

Selection is highly competitive. You must complete an application and attend a group interview, during which you will be asked to share your interest in the health of your peers and your ability to collaborate with other campus groups and address diverse health concerns.

Health Education Websites and Resources

Below are some informative links and resources covering a wide range of health and topics.


  • Greater than AIDS - Greater than AIDS is a leading public information response to the U.S. domestic HIV/AIDS epidemic with a focus on areas and people most affected.
  • Empowered - The Empowered campaign highlights the power of all women to change the course of HIV. As mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, partners and people living with HIV women can make a difference through everyday actions.

Alcohol and Drugs

  • National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism - A government agency that provides current information on the biological effects of alcohol use. NIAAA seeks to improve prevention efforts, diagnosis and treatment of alcohol use disorders.
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration - A government agency directed toward improving the lives of people who may be struggling with or at risk for developing a mental illness or a substance abuse disorder.
  • Tobacco Free Colleges - An organization that seeks to educate the public on known dangers associated with tobacco use. In addition, advocates of Tobacco Free Colleges work to change the cultural acceptance of tobacco use and to eliminate it on college campuses.
  • Campus Drug Prevention - This page is a one-stop reference for everything related to drugs — from their appearance, paraphernalia, effects on the body and more.

Body Image / Eating Disorders


General Health Information

Self Injury

  • S.A.F.E. Alternatives - A website that is geared toward helping people find an end to self-injurious behaviors.
  • To Write Love On Her Arms - A non-profit organization that seeks to bring encouragement and hope to those struggling with addiction, depression, self-injury, and suicidal thoughts.



  • The Jed Foundation - An organization specifically geared toward college students. Its primary mission is to reduce emotional distress and suicide among college and university students.
  • Suicide Prevention, Awareness and Support - A website that aims to decrease the incidence of suicide by strengthening prevention efforts, increasing awareness, educating the public and providing support to individuals contemplating suicide.

Community Resources

Emergency Shelter

Counseling/Support Group/Crisis Intervention

Services for Teen Victims

Servicios en Español

Counseling for victims of rape/sexual assault

Domestic Violence Perpetrator Services

  • NOVA (Court ordered clients only) - 704-336-4344
  • Impact (voluntary and court ordered clients) - 980-721-7268

Domestic Violence Websites

Rape/Sexual Assault websites

Free STI Testing

The CDC recommends that sexually active adults be tested at least yearly for STIs.

Student Resource for Reporting Sexual Misconduct

An online tool to help students navigate Davidson's sexual misconduct policy and its procedures. (Davidson login required.)