The U.S. Congress created the Fulbright program in 1946 to foster international understanding through educational exchanges. It was named in honor of Senator J. W. Fulbright and is funded by the U.S. government. The competition is coordinated by the Institute of International Education (IIE). 

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program awards grants to graduating seniors and alumni for study and research abroad with Open Study/Research Awards and through the English Teaching Assistant (ETA) program, which places grantees in schools or universities to supplement local English language instruction.

General Eligibility

Please see the program website for specific eligibility requirements, including eligibility restrictions specific to each country.

  • Class year: Graduating seniors, recent graduates, master’s and doctoral candidates and young professionals. Must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent by the start of the grant.
  • Citizenship: U.S. citizen at the time of application
  • GPA: No specific minimum, but must be competitive for admission to chosen graduate program if applying for a Study grant. 

Other eligibility guidelines:

Application Process

Davidson Fulbright candidates should apply through the campus application process, which begins in the spring semester before the annual application deadline. This process requires an on-campus interview and includes the opportunity to receive feedback to strengthen candidates’ submissions. Campus applications are due in late summer/early fall and the national deadline follows closely thereafter. Fulbright notifies applicants if they have been selected as semi-finalists beginning in December and notifies finalists on a rolling basis beginning in early spring.

The campus endorsement application process and resources are available in the Fulbright Fellowships Toolkit article (Handshake login required). Students and alumni interested in applying are encouraged to contact Gaylena Merritt, Associate Director for Fellowships & Experiential Learning, as soon as possible to discuss their candidacy.

Learn More

For more information, contact the Fellowships and Scholarships Program at or schedule a Fellowships & Scholarships advising appointment with Gaylena Merritt, Associate Director for Fellowships & Experiential Learning, through Handshake (login required). See the Fulbright U.S. Student Program website for details.

Recent Recipients 

2021 Finalists* - Garnet Brown (Spain), Catherine Cartier (Turkey), Jake Carver (Taiwan), Elayna Daniels (United Kingdom), Lucy Fasano (Australia), Anne-Katrine Glittenberg (Taiwan), Caroline Matawaran (Peru), Maria Rojas (France), Alexander Sinks (Germany, declined), Katherine Smith (Spain, declined)

* The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the cancellation or deferral of many awards. This list includes all Davidson candidates who were offered Fulbright grants (finalists) rather than just those who completed grants.

2020 Finalists* - Catherine Cartier (Morocco), Olivia Conley (Spain), Alex Idonije (Taiwan), Alisha Kendrick-Pradhan (Ecuador), Eldina Kucevic (Taiwan), Jason Lu (Tajikistan), Eric Matherly (Ukraine), AJ Naddaff (Jordan), Mara Papakostas (Taiwan), Caroline Phan (Colombia), Audrey Plimpton (Austria), Emma Slater (Algeria), Alex Strasser (Germany, declined)

* The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the cancellation or deferral of many awards. This list includes all Davidson candidates who were offered Fulbright grants (finalists) rather than just those who completed grants.

2019 - Alexa Cole (Colombia), Jalin Jackson (Panama, declined), Emilee Lord (Colombia), Isaac Mervis (South Korea, declined), A.J. Naddaff (Jordan, declined), Hannah Sommerlad (Taiwan), Emma Wilbur (Uzbekistan)

2018 - Katie Ferro (Spain), Alexandra Galdi (South Korea), Kirsten Huffer (Cyprus), Natalie Philips (France), Cole Riggan (Malaysia), Haley Sanner (Nepal), Charlotte Scott (Colombia), Zach Shaver (Botswana), Natalie Skowlund (Colombia), Steffaney Wood (Finland)

2017 - Hayden Bates (Jordan), Varenya Hariharan (Mexico), Arielle Korman (Israel), Adrienne Mathis (Ecuador), Stephanie Mamot (Macau), Catherine Moseley (Argentina), James Stewart (Cameroon)

2016 - Jessica Gumucio (Moldova), Elizabeth Marshall (Malaysia), Lauren Martinez (Colombia), Malissa McSwain (Mexico), Noelle Smith (Mexico)

2015 - Mustafa Abid (Jordan), Catherine "Kaki" Bennett (Luxembourg), Claire Gutermuth (India), Jessie Li (Taiwan), William Mogen (Germany), Hartman Saylor (Germany), Andrew "Drew" Tucker (Spain), India Watkins (Germany)

2014 - Trenita Brookshire Childers '05 (Dominican Republic), Ashley Finger (Luxembourg), Josh Hengen (Malaysia), and Minh Nguyen (Jamaica) 

2013 - Yessenia Coto (Brazil), Jean DeOrnellas (South Korea), Alexandra Francis (Jordan), Anja Fries (Spain), Monica Lee (Guatemala), Marja "Beth" Mundy (Finland), Maegan Newell (Germany), Kristine Sowers (Spain)

2012 - Leslie Adkins (Egypt), Ashley Augsburger (Malaysia), Linda Flynn (Morocco), Anna Van Hollen (Egypt, declined)

2011 - Laura Bergner (New Zealand), Mary Gearing (Germany), Madeline Koch (Morocco), Kimberly Larkin (Belgium, declined), Pallavi Penumetcha (Botswana), Malia Wong (Sri Lanka)

2010 - Ananta Bangdiwala (Spain), Stephanie Vertongen (The Netherlands)

2009 - Utsha Khatri (Sri Lanka), Caroline McDermott (Colombia)

2008 - Rachel Heidmann (Germany), Valerie Mason (Austria), Hannah Rogers-Ganter (Germany)

2007 - Nelon Bryant Kirkland (Germany), Lee Ballard (Germany)

2006 - Heather Carmody (Germany), Ted Dawson (Austria), Laura Puckett (Mongolia), Carrie Sloan (Mexico)

2005 - Daniel Coslett (Tunisia), Leslie Thompson (Malaysia) 

2004 - Rory Adams (Germany), Eileen Beardsley (Germany)

2003 - Will Humphrey (Austria)

2002 - Mary Katherine Stickel (Austria)

2001 - Michael Daly (Syria), Geoff Evans (Austria), Elizabeth Dederick (Germany), Marcus McFadden (Austria), Derek Neil Politzer (Turkey)

1998 - Jennifer A. Miller (Germany), Daniel M. Guill (Cyprus), Derrick Miller (Germany)

1997 - Salle R. Pemar (Zambia) 

1996 - Cynthia Cassell (Austria), Alexis DeVane (Finland)

1995 - Ann Ree S. Mitchell, Eric Rosenbach (Bulgaria)

1994 - Brett Marston (Germany), Anne Zinkle (Germany), Sarah Grant (Germany)

1992 - John Howell (Uruguay), Ashley Mcllwain (Germany), Kristi Mitchem (Costa Rica)

1991 - Trevor M. Wade 

1988 - Jon Bokles (West Germany)

1986 - Mary N. Hollowell

1982 - Lee Ann S. Patterson, Marvin Belzer (Finland)

1981 - Robert F. Campany

1980 - Pamela G. Camerra-Rowe, F. E. Heath

1977 - Robert G. Shearer

1976 - Thomas Sando (West Germany), Frederic L. Borch

1974 - Allan Ware

1969 - Kenneth F. Antley

1967 - Thomas Frist (India)

1966 - Albert Keiser

1964 - Henry S. Ackerman, John D. Hall

1963 - John R. McElfresh

1962 - Joseph L. Robinson

1961 - David N. MacKinnon

1958 - C. Grier, Davis, M. H. Rourk

1957 - Charles P. Wright

1955 - Thomas C. Dove

1954 - Paul J. Pinckney, Paul B. Price

1951 - William P. Whitesides

1950 - Charles T. Davis

1947 - William B. Campbell