Banner Self-Service is an online system that lets you add/drop classes during the approved period, check class schedule or grades, or change your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Banner Self-Service is not the same as WebTree the online course preference system. Never use your WebTree PIN on Banner Self-Service. It will disable your Banner Self-Service PIN.

How to Log on to Banner Self-Service

  • Go to Banner Self-Service.
  • Enter your student ID.
  • Enter your PIN. If you haven't changed your PIN, it is your birthdate expressed as MMDDYY (May 1, 1980 would be 050180). If you are refused entry twice, log off; the third mistake in a day will disable your PIN. If you have trouble, email the Registrar's Office.

How to Change Your Banner Self-Service PIN

  • Log on to Banner Self-Service.
  • Go to the "Personal Information Menu."
  • Click on "Change PIN" and follow directions.

If your PIN has been disabled, email the Registrar's Office.