Looking for classmates or other alumni? Let Davidson help!

Online Community

Access the alumni directory in the Online Community for basic contact information, including email addresses and home phone numbers.


  • Log in to your LinkedIn account. Set up a profile if needed.

  • Join the Davidson College Network group on LinkedIn by searching under Work, then Groups. You will be able to see more extensive profile information for LinkedIn members with whom you share at least one group. The Davidson College Network is the most popular group, but other Davidson groups can be found by putting Davidson College in the group search bar.

  • Click in the Search bar with the magnifying glass on the upper left and select People.

  • Click the All Filters button. Write Davidson College in the School box.

  • You may also select additional filters such as industry or geographical location.

  • For a keyword search (recommended if looking for alumni with a specific interest or area of expertise not reflected in Industry name), use the main search box with the magnifying glass and enter [INSERT KEYWORD HERE]. This step should come after you have selected the Davidson College filter.

  • If the person you wish to contact is already a connection on LinkedIn, select the blue Message button underneath his/her name to chat directly. If not, ask to Connect with him or her for direct communication. Recommendation: Add a personal note with your connection request to increase the chance of an acceptance.

Using the Online Community Alumni Directory with LinkedIn:

  • Log in to the Online Community and select Alumni Directory.

  • Enter the name of the alumnus/a whom you would like to contact.

  • Scroll down for search results and select the correct alumnus/a.

  • Contact information will be available for alumni who have not opted out of the community.

Davidson Career Advisor Network

Alumni interested in having phone conversations with alumni, parents, and friends of the college who have volunteered as career advisors may access DCAN, the Davidson Career Advisor Network. For information about DCAN, see our tips page or contact Ashley Neff at asneff@davidson.edu or 704-894-2663.