Meeting Spaces Available

Lilly Conference Room

Location: room 1038, main floor

Capacity: 12

Room configuration: large, fixed table and chairs

Equipment: network connectivity and wireless network, conference call-ready telephone, whiteboard, whiteboard markers

Rare Book Room

Location: second floor of the library

Capacity: 40

Room configuration: conference table and chairs for 12 people + 14 upholstered chairs

Equipment: wireless network

Meetings Suited for These Rooms

  • Meetings that will feature loud conversations (i.e. Skype, WebEx), music, etc. are better suited for other locations on campus.
  • Neither of the facilities is sound-proof, so confidential meetings are probably better suited for other locations on campus.
  • Neither location has a dedicated computer or projector.

Who Can Use Library Facilities

Lilly Conference Room

Students, faculty, and staff may use the Lilly Conference Room for college-related meetings. Use of the room is free of charge. Priority is given to the following groups:

  • Library staff
  • Campus committees and groups
  • Classes/class presentations for occasional use.

    Note: the Lilly Conference cannot be a class's regular designated classroom.

And then to these groups:

  • Faculty emeriti
  • Retired staff

Rare Book Room

For the Rare Book Room, preference will be given to requests that require the unique resources of the room.

Please note that it may occasionally be necessary to change or cancel reservations to accommodate meetings of high-priority groups.

Scheduling Facilities

  1. Make sure that the library will be open when you wish to use the facilities.

    Rooms cannot be reserved when the library is closed. Use of the Rare Book Room in the evening and on weekends is contingent on a member of the library staff being available to provide access.

    Meeting organizers should select meeting times that will allow sufficient time for meeting set-up and take-down/clean-up.
  2. To schedule the Lilly Conference Room, call or email the Information Desk at or 704-894-2331/704-894-2425 or the Assistant to the Director, Lisa Smith at 704-894-2160.
  3. To schedule the Rare Book Room, call or email the Special Collections Outreach Librarian, Sharon Byrd, at or 704-894-2158.

Food and Beverages Guidelines

Lilly Conference Room

Food items and beverages are permitted in the Lilly Conference Room, under the following conditions:

  • Only snacks and drinks may be consumed in the Lilly Conference Room. No catered or delivered food is allowed. Food must not give off an aroma when brought in or served or require cleanup beyond basic crumb sweeping.
  • Meeting attendees must appropriately dispose of trash items, clean up the room, and restore the facility to its original condition. If a mishap does occur (i.e. a drink gets spilled on the carpet), then the meeting coordinator should notify a library staff member so that appropriate cleaning action can be taken. Electronic food preparation devices, such as coffee pots, microwaves, hot-pots, etc. are prohibited.

Rare Book Room

No food and beverages are allowed in the Rare Book Room.