Davidson Arts and Creative Engagement

Frances Alexander

  • Departmental Coordinator
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Sherry Nelson

  • Director of Davidson Arts and Creative Engagement
Sherry Nelson

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DACE Advisory Board

The DACE Advisory Board provides support and advice for the arts at Davidson College. Board meetings are held on campus twice a year with the director, VP of Academic Affairs, VP of College Relations, arts faculty, and arts fellows to strengthen collaboration within the Davidson arts community and encourage participation in the arts programs. Advisory Board members are selected through a nominations process and invited to join the board by President Carol Quillen. All Board members are enthusiastic advocates for the arts at Davidson. DACE sponsors annual grant programs, departmental programs, and various innovative and creative projects throughout campus.


  • Kaky McGinness Grant ’01
  • Linsey Mills ’92
    Vice Chair
  • Steve Kaliski ’06
    Immediate Past Chair
  • Adelle Patten ’21
  • Jane Avinger
  • Whitney Kreb Brantley ‘99
  • Briana Hunter ‘08
  • Alan Hyder ‘99
  • Molly Johnson ‘94
  • Joe Logan ‘77
  • Lauren Heinz McConville ‘07
  • Kate Schoening Morrison '00
  • Katherine Weeks Mulford '97
  • Ty Morse ‘04
  • Donna Peters '89
  • Mary Laura Moretz Philpott ‘96
  • Sara Tatum Pottenger ‘79
  • Chris Rackley '00
  • Ally Rice '12
  • Stewy Robertson ‘15
  • Robert Touchstone
  • Keva Walton
  • Maria João Vasconcelos

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Arts Fellows

  • Adelle Pattern '21
  • Landin Eldridge '21
  • Marquia Humphries '22
  • Sophie Danish '22
  • Lorena James '21
  • Ariel Chung '21
  • Ramona Davis '21
  • Sarah Jackson '22

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Ex Officio Members

  • Alison Bory, Chair & Associate Professor of Dance
  • Eileen Keeley, Vice President for College Relations
  • Philip Jefferson, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty
  • Neil Lerner, Chair & Professor of Music
  • Cynthia Lewis, Interim Chair & Charles A. Dana Professor of English
  • Sherry Nelson, Director of Davidson Arts and Creative Engagement
  • Cort Savage, Chair & Professor of Art
  • Mark Sutch, Chair & Associate Professor of Theatre

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For more information on Friends of the Arts and the benefits of membership, please email Sherry Nelson, director of Davidson Arts and Creative Engagement, at shnelson@davidson.edu or call 704-894-2101.