Guided by the belief in the transformative power of education, and inspired by the College’s statement of purpose, Davidson has a responsibility to demonstrate the crucial value of scholarly inquiry to public life and to fulfilling this country's promise.


Students have abundant opportunities for exploring the complexities of a diverse, interconnected, unequal and changing world through academic coursework. Each student must complete a course that fulfills the Cultural Diversity Requirement, a course with a significant focus on the cultural experiences of a group differing from that of the dominant cultures and social identities of the United States and Europe. In addition, students must also complete a course that fulfills the new Justice, Equality and Community Requirement. These courses focus on the struggles for justice and equality in various communities, locales, nations or regions of the world.

Students also are strongly encouraged to supplement their education with high-impact learning experiences such as studying abroad, studying away (at other locations in the United States), community-based learning opportunities, internships, fellowships, shadowing and alternative breaks.  

Building a Better Learning Community: FIRST and MILE

Scientists in the United States do not reflect our country’s demographic diversity, which means critically important talent necessary to solve difficult challenges is absent. FIRST (Fostering Inclusivity and Respect in Science Together) and MILE (More Inclusive Learning Environments) are two Davidson organizations that aspire to remove barriers, be more welcoming, and to help make science and scientists more diverse. 

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