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Recapture the heart of the Davidson College experience–time spent learning in the classroom!

Hear from fellow alumni, faculty, community members, and other Davidson notables on a wide variety of topics, in numerous formats, designed to satisfy the curiosity and interests of Reunion-goers of all ages.

Please note space is limited in each session. These offerings are subject to change.

*While children are invited to all classes, ones noted with an asterisk are especially kid-friendly.

Here are a few of the PowerPoint presentations from the classes listed below, presented during Reunion Weekend 2019.

Friday, June 7, 2019

1 p.m. Back-to-School and Tour Offerings

Campus Tour*
Gather in front of the Nancy O. Blackwell Alumni House, 420 N. Main Street
Rain plan: Cancelled

Meet on the porch of the Welcome Center to start the tour. Golf cart tours will operate for those with mobility concerns.

Finding Community in Real Estate
Classroom 1003, Chambers Building
Will Bradshaw ’99 will discuss planning, technological, and development trends that have led to increasing isolation, increased costs of living and how a particular development and management approach can recreate places that people love, bring people together, re-envision the lives between public and private and ultimately help people find meaning and belonging in the places where they work, play, and live.

Live from the Double Door
Classroom 1006, Chambers Building
View this 28-minute documentary about Charlotte’s home of the blues for 43 years. The intimate establishment was essential to Charlotte’s local music community and hosted legends of rock, reggae, blues and Americana music, from 1973 until it closed in 2016. This film, tells the story of the fabled club through the eyes of the staff, musicians, promoters, historians and fans. After the screening, producers of the film will participate in a Q&A with audience members. Sponsored by the Class of 1984.

An Afternoon with Davidson Athletics: Men’s Basketball*
Practice Gymnasium, Harry L. Vance Athletic Center, Baker Sports Complex
Join associate head coach Matt McKillop '06 along with other former and current Wildcat basketball players for an "open gym" in the practice courts, located in the Harry L. Vance Athletic Center. Talk with members of the men's basketball coaching staff about the team, recruiting and the program's recent Atlantic 10 Championship victory. Bring your children or your basketball shoes to shoot around and have the chance to meet and play with current players on Davidson's team.

An Afternoon with Davidson Athletics: Football
Sheridan Brothers Football Suite, Harry L. Vance Athletic Center, Baker Sports Complex

Join Head Football Coach Scott Abell and other former Wildcat football players for a tour of the newly renovated Sheridan Brothers Football Suite in Harry L. Vance Athletic Center, Baker Sports Complex. Talk with Coach Abell and his coaching staff about Davidson Football’s record setting performance in 2018, including finishing the season as the #1 offense in the entire country. Get all the inside updates on this year’s incoming recruiting class, hear about Scott Abell’s coaching philosophy and get ready for another exciting season of Wildcat football.

An Afternoon at the Jay Hurt Hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Gather in the front entrance of the The Jay Hurt Hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Learn more about Davidson’s newest facility, a 23,000-square foot renovated cotton mill next to the Brickhouse, that has been transformed into a center for innovation and entrepreneurship serving our students, faculty and surrounding community. Take a tour of the space, meet the staff, and learn more about the companies co-located with the college. Hear more about how we are connecting industry partnerships to the curriculum, along with some incredible examples of student-founded ventures.

The Math of Davidson
Classroom 210, E. Craig Wall Jr. Academic Center
Join Ann McCorvey, Vice President for Finance and Administration and CFO, for a look at trends facing higher education, the Davidson budget, the endowment and its performance, Davidson’s credit rating, the Fund for Davidson and the importance of financial aid. Finally, we’ll discuss the strategic issues facing higher education and Davidson in the coming years. Come prepared with questions!

Entrepreneurship in Today’s Tech World: Build a Startup from Scratch
Classroom 1015, Chambers Building
This class will focus on how to build a startup from scratch when you have little to $0 money. Presenter Mbye Njie ‘04 will focus on how to pitch your business to investors, judges and in competitions. The class will conclude with a discussion on the importance of innovation so you are one step ahead of the competition. 

2:15 p.m. Back-to-School and Tour Offerings

Campus Tour*
Gather in front of the Nancy O. Blackwell Alumni House, 420 N. Main Street
Rain plan: Cancelled

Meet on the porch of the Welcome Center to start the tour. Golf cart tours will operate for those with mobility concerns.

An Afternoon with Davidson Athletics
Classroom 243, E. Craig Wall Jr. Academic Center
Join Director of Athletics Chris Clunie ’06 for a window into Davidson Athletics. Chris will speak about the values, mission, strategy and goals for Davidson Athletics now and in the future.

Welcome Bach: The WDAV Studio Tour*
Lobby, WDAV Building, 423 N. Main Street (across from the Welcome Center)
Join us for an inside look at the College's professional Classical Public Radio station, 89.9 WDAV. This tour will include an overview of WDAV's important role in the vibrant Charlotte-area arts community. Alumni and friends will have the opportunity to go behind the scenes and visit the WDAV music library and editing suites, as well as the Dr. Samuel R. Spencer Production Control Studio, the John Clark Performance Studio, and the Catherine and Wilton Connor Broadcast Studio. Kids are encouraged!

The Role of Investigative Journalism in the Era of the 24-Hour New Cycle, Political Polarization and Attacks on the Media
Classroom 106, E. Craig Wall Jr. Academic Center
Ever wonder what it’s like to be a reporter during the era of the 24-hour news cycle, political polarization and attacks on the media? Join Julia Ainsley '09, NBC News Correspondent, for a discussion about her experience as an investigative broadcast journalist covering immigration policy and the Special Counsel investigation from Washington, DC.

You Won’t Believe This One Simple Trick to Have a “Free Country” That Actually Works!
Classroom 307, E. Craig Wall Jr. Academic Center
Join Aylett Colston ‘94, attorney, voting rights advocate and Political Action Chair of the Raleigh-Apex NAACP, for an overview of Americans’ continuing struggle for self- determination through voting.  She will also discuss her work supporting voter participation, fair elections, and fair voting district maps in North Carolina.  This surprising class on the life-changing power of fair elections will make you want to vote!

American Political Culture: Polarization, Incivility and Democracy
Classroom 1062, Chambers Building
In an already polarized context, Dr. Susan Roberts will explore the causes, culprits and consequences of unprecedented incivility in American politics. A professor in Political Science at Davidson College, Susan is known locally and nationally for her research on political capital, hashtag activism and reproductive politics. Susan is a familiar voice on WFAE 90.7 (public radio), WFAE’s Charlotte Talks and “State of Things” on WUNC 90.7 (national public radio), as well as other programming. Additionally, she works with Spectrum TV News for statewide coverage of politics. Sponsored by the Class of 1974.

Start-Up Garage: Why Start-Ups Aren’t Risky and Good Ideas Are Overhyped
Classroom 1045, Chambers Building
Five years from college, is it time to lock down that stable job, or is it the last chance to take the leap and start that company? Join Sam Castle ’14 to learn about the world where people will literally give you millions of dollars for free and expect you to lose it all and never pay it back. Topics include: how to get rich, considering if this really the best time in history to be an entrepreneur, why start-ups aren’t as risky as people think, lies you will tell yourself and reasons not to start a company. Upon conclusion of the class, advanced students will have the opportunity to pursue independent studies in juicy topics such as how to convince people to give you money, how to hire and the most important goal for any start-up: how not to die.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

9 a.m. Tour Offerings

Campus Tour*
Gather in front of the Nancy O. Blackwell Alumni House, 420 N. Main Street
Rain plan: Cancelled

Meet on the porch of the Welcome Center to start the tour. Golf cart tours will operate for those with mobility concerns.

Sustainability and Campus Buildings
Gather on 2nd level of E. Craig Wall Jr. Academic Center
This tour of two academic buildings will introduce very different ways that Davidson uses campus buildings to support its sustainability goals as both an organization and an educational institution. Beginning in the atrium of E. Craig Wall, Jr. Academic Center, guests will learn about features related to the building’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold status. A visit to Watson Life Science Building will reveal a student-produced mural with accompanying poetry and musical score that introduce issues and interpretations that current students bring to the study of environmental justice in North Carolina.

2:15 p.m. Back-to-School and Tour Offerings

The Davidson College Campus Sculpture Program*
Meet in the front entrance of the Carnegie Guest House
This back-to-school option is a tour of the college's ever-expanding collection of sculpture on campus with C. Shaw Smith, professor of art history and humanities, beginning with Auguste Rodin's Jean d'Aire and ending with Jésus Moroles' Spirit Waves Fountain. This tour will last approximately 70 minutes. In the event of rain, join Shaw in the Visual Arts Center for a presentation on the campus sculpture program.

Davidson in the Poet’s Eye
Classroom 1003, Chambers Building
Professor Emeritus Tony Abbott will read, recite and discuss poems he’s written over a 40-year period that feature Davidson as their subject life.

Ensuring a Vital Future for Our Posterity: The Challenge of Transformation
Hance Auditorium, 4th Floor, Chambers Building
Following a conversation at their 50th reunion, 17 members of the Class of 1964 were brought together by their overriding concern for their collective children, grandchildren and the proverbial seventh generation. Join these and other members of the Class of 1964 to discuss this unique time of transformation rarely seen in human history. Is the success of the fundamental principles that have existed for the last two hundred years only for ourselves or does it ensure the well-being of our posterity?  We aver that the greater good is for our posterity to do well and with that simple declaration we come together to consider how we may express our concerns about issues that will particularly affect them.

A Literary Event with Your Davidson Author Classmates
Tyler-Tallman Hall, Sloan Music Center (Old 900 Room)
A panel of authors from the Class of 1979 will share their writing experiences. Moderated by Landis Wade ‘79, host of Charlotte Readers Podcast, panelists will discuss their work and all things writing, including the inspiration for and the joys and challenges of their craft. All readers, authors and would-be authors are welcome.