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All alumni, families and students are invited to enjoy virtual Back-to-School Classes. Classes for Reunion Weekend 2023 will be posted in spring 2023. Classes that were offered as a part of Reunion 2022 are listed below. Check out the Reunion 2022 limited edition library for event recordings.

Event recordings from Virtual Reunion 2020 can be found in our Reunion 2020 limited edition library and Reunion 2021 in our Reunion 2021 limited edition library

Reunion 2022 Classes

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Wayne Jones headshot with stethoscope around neck

Tuesday, April 26

How Healing Works: And What It Means for Healthcare and You
with Wayne Jonas ‘77
4-5 p.m.
Event recording linked above

Sponsored by the Class of 1977 Reunion Committee

We now know that most of health – possibly up to 80% – comes from factors outside of what is usually done in the clinic or hospital. These primary “determinants of health” involve social, environmental, lifestyle and complementary medicine factors that few clinicians learn to deliver and are not paid for by health insurance. As a result, the cost of health care rises, while health and health equity in the nation declines. The pandemic has accelerated this decline and is burning out healthcare providers. How can we change this downward trajectory? In this talk, Wayne will describe a simple, systematic approach called a HOPE (Healing Oriented Practices and Environments) visit that helps patients tap into their inherent healing capacity. Drawing on the most rigorous scientific evidence available, and with recent data from the pandemic, Wayne will show that by adding some simple questions and processes to your health care – whether you are a physician or patient - you can accelerate the creation of health and wellbeing for the prevention and treatment of almost any chronic disease.

Headshots of Mary Clare Jalonick Cahlink and Susan Roberts

Thursday, May 5

Reflections from Capitol Hill: January 6th and Beyond
with Mary Clare Jalonick Cahlink ’97 and Dr. Susan Roberts
8-9 p.m. ET
Event recording linked above

Sponsored by the Class of 1997 Reunion Committee

Q & A with Mary Clare Jalonick Cahlink ‘97, Associated Press, and Dr. Susan Roberts, Professor of Political Science at Davidson. Mary Clare has been covering Capitol Hill for almost 20 years. She is a congressional reporter for The Associated Press in Washington and has covered the House committee that is investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection, Ketanji Brown Jackson's recent Supreme Court confirmation and other topics. Dr. Susan Roberts teaches courses in Congress, the Presidency, Parties & Interest Groups, Campaign Strategy and Public Policy. Her research includes work on activism on reproductive policy, interest groups, political capital and hashtag politics and more. She has published op-eds and served as an experienced commentator on radio and TV both locally and nationally.

Cameron Hardesty ‘07, Svilen Rangelov ‘07, Brian Helfrich ’07; moderated by Taylor McLemore ‘07

Monday, May 9

Innovation in Entrepreneurship
with Cameron Hardesty ‘07, Svilen Rangelov ‘07, Brian Helfrich ’07; moderated by Taylor McLemore ‘07
7:30-8:30 p.m. ET

Sponsored by the Class of 2007 Reunion Committee

Come hear from three members of the Class of 2007 who started three companies from the ground up (Summit Coffee, DRONAMICS, and Poppy Flowers). The panel will feature Brian Helfrich, Svilen Rangelov and Cameron Hardesty. Taylor McLemore, Managing Director of Techstars will serve as moderator.

Donna Iles Whittle ’82, Edith Parker ’82, Mike Spangler ’82; Greg Kucera ‘82

Thursday, May 12

Health and Healthcare in the Post-Covid World: Where Do We Go From Here?
with Donna Iles Whittle ’82, Edith Parker ’82, John Spangler ’82; moderated by Greg Kucera ‘82
7:30-8:30 p.m. ET
Event recording linked above

Sponsored by the Class of 1982 Reunion Committee

Three health and healthcare professionals will discuss their perspective of how COVID has changed medical practice for better or worse. We will hear from an infectious disease expert, a family practice provider, and a public health expert. Donna Whittle ’82, is an inpatient infectious disease provider at Aurora Health Care Medical Group in Milwaukee, WI, a 900 bed tertiary care facility and the chairman of the Medical Advisory Committee for her school district. John Spangler ’82, Professor of Family and Community Medicine at Wake Forest School of Medicine has research interests in diabetes mellitus, tobacco use disorder, epidemiology, addiction medicine, and population health. Edith Parker, ’82, serves as Dean of the College of Public Health and Professor of Community and Behavioral Health at the University of Iowa and served on the Big Ten Infectious Disease Task Force and the state of Iowa Infectious Disease Advisory Council. The roundtable discussion will be moderated by Greg Kucera, ’82, Professor of Internal Medicine, Section on Hematology and Oncology at Wake Forest University.

Jenny McGlone Headshot

Tuesday, May 17

Doing the Math: How You Can Make a Difference
with Jenny Link McGlone ‘87
7:30-8:30 p.m.
Event recording linked above

Sponsored by the Class of 1987 Reunion Committee

Whether you consider yourself a math person or not, you’re invited to join the Class of 1987 to learn about Dr. Jenny Link McGlone’s journey from the basement of Chambers to the mountains of Guatemala. Jenny and her husband founded the nonprofit organization Mathkind, which builds quality math education programs through collaborative partnerships that drive greater social justice. In seven years, it has grown from a small group of committed educators to a global network of researchers and local leaders transforming communities through math instruction. This presentation will include an opportunity for you to add your input to the equation.

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie ‘02

Wednesday, May 18

How to Be Curious: Where to Find Wonder in the Modern World
with Linda Rodriguez McRobbie ‘02
4:30-5:30 p.m. ET
Event recording linked above

Sponsored by the Class of 2002 Reunion Committee

There’s a reason we refer to “satisfying” curiosity – like food, like love, like other things we humans need, curiosity is characterized by appetite and reward. But curiosity isn’t only explained by a neurochemical cookie, because after all, curiosity doesn’t always end well (at least for cats). So what is curiosity? What good does being curious do us? And can we get better at being curious? Join the Class of 2002 and hear from Linda Rodriguez McRobbie, an American journalist and writer living in England with her husband and two sons. Curiosity is the animating force behind not only her career, but her personal life as well – it’s the reason she’s written about everything from the experience of pain to why clowns are scary, why she swam the English Channel (on a relay team!), and why she’s terrible at poker. 

Hunter Strader ‘12, Jenn Burns ‘12, Kevin Bates ’12, Camila Domonoske ‘12

Monday, May 23

Innovating in Sustainability
with Hunter Strader ’12, Jenn Burns ’12, Kelvin Bates ’12 and moderated by Camila Domonoske ’12
7-8 p.m. ET

Sponsored by the Class of 2012 Reunion Committee

Join the Class of 2012 as we hear from Hunter Strader 12, Jenn Burns 12, Kelvin Bates ’12 for a conversation covering critical issues like food, energy and environmental impact on our planet, our health and our future. The conversation will be moderated by NPR reporter, Camila Domonoske 12.

Headshots of Tom Cors ’92, Mary Faith Mount-Cors ’92 and Molly Fitzgerald ‘92

Wednesday, May 25

Lives of Leadership and Service: Altruism and Activism in the 21st Century
with Tom Cors ’92, Mary Faith Mount-Cors ’92 and Molly Fitzgerald ‘92
7-8 p.m. ET
Event recording linked above

Sponsored by the Class of 1992 Reunion Committee

Ready to feel inspired? Come hear how three class of '92 alumni changemakers - Tom Cors, JD, Mary Faith Mount-Cors, PhD and Molly Fitzgerald, DrPH, MPH - have chosen to apply Davidson's values of leadership and service in their careers, what they've learned about having an impact in the worlds of altruism and activism and what they would do differently if they could.

Sara Shah

Tuesday, May 31 - CANCELLED

Travel, Wellness, Content and Brand: How One Writer Has Taken the World by Storm
with Sara Shah ‘17
7–8 p.m. ET

Sponsored by the Class of 2017 Reunion Committee

Taking the road less traveled is an adventure—and oftentimes it's worth it. Ever thought about working remotely, starting your own company, or writing a book? Join this Davidson alumna to hear about working remotely around the world before, during, and after the pandemic. In her travels, she's founded two content-based wellness companies geared towards helping us all slowdown in this busy world and turn inwards. Her first brand, Mother Yin, is a women's holistic wellness brand which provides content and retreats to help women find balance in their bodies. The second brand, RTRN, is launching this month. RTRN is a sustainable luxury brand with wellness products created for a mindful home  and is co-founded with alumna Paige Donnelly '14. Entrepreneurship and brand creation will be just one of the main topics of the main topics during this  conversation. Sara will also speak about writing endeavors and how the consistency and discipline of writing books helped her become a better entrepreneur. She's written a travel memoir about Bali with themes around solo-travel as a woman, inner growth, modern day colonization via tourism, and an introduction to Balinese culture and rituals. She is also currently writing a travel memoir about the Ecuadorian Amazon and indigenous healing techniques and travel and society in the post-pandemic world.