Food and drinks are permitted in most areas of the library. Out of respect for others, we ask that you avoid bringing food to the library that gives off an aroma or that is messy and would require cleanup beyond basic crumb sweeping.

College Archives

No food or beverages are allowed in the Archives.

Lilly Conference Room

Food items and beverages are permitted in the Lilly Conference Room, under the following conditions:

  • Any use of the room must be in compliance with the Meeting Space Policy.
  • Only snacks and drinks may be consumed in the Lilly Conference Room. No catered or delivered food is allowed. Food must not give off an aroma when brought in or served or require cleanup beyond basic crumb sweeping.
  • Meeting attendees must appropriately dispose of trash items, clean up the room, and restore the facility to its original condition. If a mishap does occur (i.e. a drink gets spilled on the carpet), then the meeting coordinator should notify a library staff member so that appropriate cleaning action can be taken. Electronic food preparation devices, such as coffee pots, microwaves, hot-pots, etc. are prohibited.

Rare Book Room

No food and beverages are allowed in the Rare Book Room.