Established in 2021, the mission of the Latinx Alumni Network at Davidson (LAND) is to provide a member-focused group dedicated to providing community-building, support, advocacy, visibility and programming for Latinx alumni at Davidson. 


The Latinx Alumni Network at Davidson seeks to build an inclusive campus and community culture by serving as a bridge between Latinx students, alumni, faculty, staff, and the broader college community both on and off campus.

  1. Facilitating community-building, mentoring and professional development opportunities among  Latinx students and alumni
  2. Advocating for a safe and inclusive college community for Latinx students on-campus by supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives
  3. Engaging in dialogue around Latinx-community and culture, identity, and race at Davidson College and beyond
  4. Sharing information about opportunities for Latinx alumni to get involved in college volunteer and service opportunities
  5. Collaborating with constituents and partner organizations at Davidson

Interim Leadership Team

  • Marlene Arellano ’17
  • Heidi Bustos Fitz ’18, co-chair
  • Itziri Gonzalez-Barcenas ’19
  • Jesse Johnson ’12
  • Alan Morales Loyola ’21, co-chair
  • Sheila Núñez ’19
  • Andrés Ramos ’17
  • Alejandra Rodriguez ’17
  • Bruna Siqueira-Davis ’17

Membership and Participation 

All self-identifying Latinx alumni of Davidson College are considered to be members of LAND and are automatically included in our communications. Participation in the Latinx Alumni Network at Davidson activities is open to all interested members of the Davidson College community.

We hope you will stay connected and join our Davidson Connect group (login required).

If you would like to help lead the network, share a program idea, or help host a LAND-related chapter event in your city, or if you would like to be added to the LAND email list, please contact Sarah Taylor, associate director, at