Reunions at Davidson are occasions for celebration and remembrance. 

Reunions affirm that the Davidson experience endures for a lifetime, and while buildings may change, the values of Davidson remain constant. For many alumni, Reunion Weekend is an opportunity to consider what Davidson means to them, and what legacy they might like to leave to alma mater.

Bringing classmates back together helps connect alumni to their philanthropic passions and inspires many to give a gift that further develops Davidson's distinctiveness and supports critical needs like scholarships, professorships, Division I athletics, research opportunities, internships and facility enhancements. Through reunion giving, Davidson alumni fortify initiatives that enhance the learning environment, recruit faculty at the top of their fields, and launch innovative programs that encourage global perspectives and lifelong learning.

Reunion Class Gift

The Reunion Class Gift celebrates the entirety of each class' philanthropy to the college during their respective milestone reunion year. Although the fiscal year officially ends on June 30, we encourage our reunion year alumni to make their contributions before returning to campus for Reunion Weekend. The Reunion Class Gift includes the following:

  • All Dollars. The celebration of all contributions to the college received in the current fiscal year (July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020) allows classmates to support the college priority of their choice.
  • All Multi-Year Commitments. In honor of the reunion, we ask donors to consider a five-year pledge. This is a popular option for alumni who know they will continue to support the college each year, as they can choose the month in which they are reminded to give. Additionally, multi-year commitments allow the college to anticipate future funding and save resources on solicitations to our alumni.
  • Newly Documented Planned Gifts (Beginning at the 40th Reunion). For alumni who have included Davidson in their will, have named the college as a beneficiary of their life insurance or retirement plan, or have set up a gift annuity or charitable trust for Davidson, any good faith estimates of future support for the college that has been documented since their last reunion will be celebrated. For the 50th Reunion, all documented planned gifts will be included.

Reunion Class Goals

Please visit each class' page to see the Reunion 2020 class goals.

Reunion 2019 Class Standings

Participation as of 6/30/19.

Class Participation Goal Participation Percentage Donors Needed
1959 67 % 69.83 % Goal achieved!
1964 73 % 65.49 % 11
1969 70 % 79.67 % Goal achieved!
1974 60 % 69.19 % Goal achieved!
1979 70 % 73 % Goal achieved!
1984 55 % 60.07 % Goal achieved!
1989 70 % 70.86 % Goal achieved!
1994 55 % 53.46 % 6
1999 55 % 57.36 % Goal achieved!
2004 55 % 56.26 % Goal achieved!
2009 55 % 53.86 % 5
2014 60 % 51.96 % 37

Reunion Giving Records

Reunion Milestone Reunion Class Gift Records Reunion Class Participation Records
5th Reunion Year 2010–$142,040 2010–66.21%
10th Reunion Year 2005–$229,406 2001–77.8%
15th Reunion Year 2002–$307,064 2002–62.5%
20th Reunion Year New Record of $703,020 set by Class of 1999 1984–73.4%
25th Reunion Year 1990–$1,234,945 1983–75%
30th Reunion Year 1985–$2,589,083 1983–70.94%
35th Reunion Year New Record of $12,821,697 set by Class of 1984 1977–75.4%
40th Reunion Year 1978–$10,461,186 1970–88.2%
45th Reunion Year 1969–$3,170,284 1970–79.89%
50th Reunion Year New Record of $8,684,680 set by Class of 1969 1962–92%
55th Reunion Year 1959–$10,622,082 1961–75.6%
60th Reunion Year

New Record of $4,928,833 set by Class of 1959


Every year, thousands of alumni, parents, and friends support Davidson through The Fund for Davidson (formerly the Annual Fund). Along with celebrating each Reunion class and their overall efforts, we also honor those classes who make the greatest impact on the Fund for Davidson during their Reunion.

Reunion Milestone Reunion Class Fund for Davidson Records
5th Reunion Year 2009–$38,502
10th Reunion Year 2005–$135,711
15th Reunion Year 2002–$190,607
20th Reunion Year 1998–$237,110
25th Reunion Year 1989–$265,003
30th Reunion Year 1985–$266,699
35th Reunion Year New Record of $1,161,715 set by Class of 1984
40th Reunion Year 1974–$681,507
45th Reunion Year 1966–$502,550
50th Reunion Year 1968–$867,127
55th Reunion Year 1961–$218,117
60th Reunion Year 1957–$780,856


Here at Davidson, we celebrate our amazing volunteers and their hard work and dedication to the college. They go above and beyond to help inspire their fellow classmates, further the mission of the institution, and not only achieve, but surpass their goals! We recognize our classes with these awards after the conclusion of our fiscal year, which falls on June 30.

  • E. Lee Willingham Award for Highest Overall Participation
  • E. Lee Willingham Award for Most Improved Participation
  • Edwin F. Lucas Award for Highest Participation in a Class with more than 200 members
  • Francis B. Kemp Award for Highest Participation in a Young Alumni Class
  • Chair's Cup Best Overall Effort and Achievement as a Class

Ways to Make A Gift

  • Online: Visit the online gift form to make a one-time gift, pledge payment or to set up a recurring draft.
  • By phone: Call The Fund for Davidson at 704-894-2680 to give over the phone.
  • By mail: Checks can be mailed to the attention of The Fund for Davidson at Box 7170, Davidson, NC 28035.
  • Multi-year commitments: Visit the online pledge form to make a multi-year commitment.
  • Planned Giving: Visit the planned giving page to learn more about a wide range of topics including–wills and living trusts, beneficiary designations, gift annuities, gifts of real estate, and much more. You can also contact Gray Dyer '96, director of planned giving, at or 704-894-2478 to learn about any of these gifting strategies or to share your intentions with the college so that we can include them in the Reunion Class Gift.
    • Gifts of stock: Contact Dawn Smith, parent and planned giving coordinator, at or 704-894-2103 for instructions on making a gift of stock or securities.

For More Information

If you would like more general information surrounding Reunion Giving, please contact The Office of Annual Giving at or (704) 894-2680.