This language below lays out the policy on how to stream video and audio requests both held in the library collection (licensed or physical) or faculty personal copies. The purpose is to make these titles available for students in a password protected platform for active class use.

Streaming Requesting For Classroom Use

Upon request, the E.H. Little Library will  stream media that is considered integral to the classroom experience of a course.  

Please submit a Digitization Request for video and audio streaming requests. 

To provide sufficient time to process a streaming request, we ask that faculty submit requests at least fourteen (14) days before it is needed for class use. Please note, if a DVD must be purchased to fulfill the streaming request, this will prolong the processing time. Submissions will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Questions About a Submitted Request?

  • Faculty will receive an email notification when their requested title is available. 

  • To check on the status of a request, please contact

Digitization And Streaming Policy

Licensed Streaming Services

The library subscribes to several video streaming services, including Kanopy and Swank

The library will first attempt to fulfill a streaming request by utilizing a streaming service licensed by the library such as Kanopy or Swank.  

Library-Owned Material

If a title is available through a library-licensed streaming service, we will not digitize a physical copy of the title. For a title that is not available through a library-licensed streaming service, the library may digitize and stream media that is physically owned by the library. 

The streaming media is restricted to registered students in the course through the course's password protected Moodle site.  

The library will place the DVD on reserve and stream the library-owned media through the class Moodle site.

If the library does not own or license media needed for class use, we will make every attempt to purchase a copy of the needed material and make it available for streaming for class use.

In order to comply with copyright and Fair Use, the library abides by the following policy: 

  1. The library will digitize video for active course use only.
  2. The library restricts access to only the students in the class for the term of the class.
  3. Faculty acknowledge that this media is required for the course.
  4. The library will place the physical DVD item on library reserve for the duration of the streaming access.
  5. The library will not digitize interlibrary loan media for streaming purposes. 

For more information on copyright, please read our Copyright Guide.

Faculty-Owned Personal Copy

If it is not possible for the library to acquire the DVD or streaming rights to a title that is required for a class, we will digitize and make available for streaming a faculty­-owned title under the following conditions:

  • The faculty member obtains written permission from the copyright holder to digitize a title


  • The faculty member is willing to have their DVD put on physical reserve for the duration of the streaming access


  • The faculty member actively asserts that the faculty¬≠-owned item has been both legally made and legally acquired

The library documents these assertions and keeps a record of all electronic communication surrounding the request, including documentation of our good-faith attempt to locate an available copy for purchase.