Alumni Association Board Updates

Thank you to our alumni who stood for election on the recent Alumni Association Board ballot. Virgil Fludd ’80 will serve as president-elect (2020-2021) and president (2022-2023) of the Alumni Association Board of Directors and on the Board of Trustees for four years. Raye Alford ’85 and Jean Boehmler Reynolds ’98 will serve as vice presidents-elect (2020-2021) and vice presidents (2022–2023) on the Alumni Association Board of Directors. We are grateful to all alumni who participated in this process. 

Beginning January 1, 2020, Dylan Glenn ’91 takes office as the Alumni Association Board President. Dylan has served two years as president-elect. Likewise, Dan Herd ’70 and Lee Ann Stackhouse Patterson ’82 will begin their tenures as vice presidents. The college is grateful for the service of Ken Kreig `83 who will complete his service as Alumni Association President and Trustee at the end of this year, and for the service of Meredith Boone Tutterow ’93 and W. DeVane Tidwell ’94 who complete their terms as vice presidents.

The Alumni Association Board of Directors (AAB) serves as a liaison between alumni and our administration and staff to provide input on alumni activities, such as Reunion, Wildcat Weekend, chapter programming and the travel program, and leads alumni in honoring the achievements of fellow alumni.

As a reflection of the alumni body, the board provides the college with insights into alumni sentiment on various issues concerning the college. The work of the board is primarily engagement, not policy-making, advisory or governance. The Board divides into working groups based upon what is perceived as the greatest need at the time.

The board is charged with the important task of presenting a slate of alumni candidates to run for seats on the College's Board of Trustees as well as for AAB president. Of the 30-45 trustees of the college, four are elected by the college's alumni–a privilege few colleges offer. Taking into account that the president and the president-elect also serve on the Board of Trustees, Davidson alumni elect more than 20 percent of all Trustees.

The board president and vice-presidents also are elected every other year by alumni. By voting, alumni become involved in the decisions that affect the life of the college and the experiences of both current students and fellow alumni. They join a collective voice to shape the future of Davidson.

    Engagement & Insight

    The Alumni Association Board helps shape the decisions that affect the life of the college and the experiences of both current students and fellow alumni. The board is composed of alumni whose demonstrated service and leadership display a strong understanding and commitment to Davidson.

    Current Board

    The Alumni Board consists of decade representatives (one per thousand living alumni in each decade), a faculty representative, the senior class president, and the officers. The president, president-elect, vice presidents, vice presidents-elect and secretary comprise the officers or executive committee. All members of the board serve four-year terms, except for the senior class president who serves one year and the secretary who serves indefinitely while in the role of director of Alumni and Family Engagement.

    The following alumni are serving on the 2019 Alumni Association Board: 

    Executive Committee

    • Ken Krieg '83, president (Steamboat Springs, CO)
    • Dylan Glenn '91, president-elect (Washington, DC)
    • Meredith Boone Tutterow '93, vice president (Edina, MN)
    • W. DeVane Tidwell '94, vice president (Dunwoody, GA)
    • Dan Herd '70, vice president-elect (Austin, TX)
    • Lee Ann Stackhouse Patterson '82, vice president-elect (Los Altos, CA)
    • Marya Howell '91, director of alumni and family engagement and ex-officio secretary (Davidson, NC)

    Decade Representatives


    • Pete Ashcraft '57 (Charlotte, NC) - Term ending in 2021


    • Ozzie Reynolds '66 (Salisbury, NC) - Term ending in 2020
    • Hal Shaw '69 (Greenville, SC) - Term ending in 2021


    • Mike Kelly '73 (Jacksonville, FL) - Term ending in 2022
    • Stewart Boswell '78 (Charlotte, NC) - Term ending in 2020


    • Anne Blue Wills '88, faculty representative (Davidson, NC) - Term ending in 2019
    • Sabrina Walton '88 (Stone Mountain, GA) - Term ending in 2022


    • Bobby Bowers '93 (Davidson, NC) - Term ending in 2022


    • Deborah Tarwasokono '07 (Washington DC) - Term ending in 2021
    • Rich Torrence '08 (Lowell, MA) - Term ending in 2020
    • Angelina Darrisaw '09 (New York, NY) - Term ending in 2022
    • Can Civi '09 (Charlotte, NC) - Term ending in 2021


    • Quentin Graham '11 (Atlanta, GA) - Term ending in 2019
    • Adriana Nassar '13 (Los Angeles, CA) - Term ending in 2022
    • Billy Hackenson '13 (San Francisco, CA) - Term ending in 2021
    • Haley Rhodes '16 (Arlington, VA) - Term ending in 2022
    • Caroline Roddey ’20, senior class president (Charlotte, NC) – Term ending in 2020