Planning in Progress

Plans are currently underway to recognize the accomplishments of both the Class of 2021 and the Class of 2020. We will communicate details as soon as possible; we appreciate your patience and understanding.

All information is subject to change due to shifting public health guidance.

Class of 2021

We are working to complete a commencement plan that will offer a memorable celebration. We are working within the parameters that we all are familiar with and had hoped to have a finished plan at the end of February.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper's executive order last week created some additional possibilities and trade-offs, and we are taking advantage of that to examine another option.

Last fall seniors shared through a survey what was most important to them for commencement. Our design team of students, faculty and staff have worked since then to meet as many of those priorities as possible and as public health guidelines will permit. Thank you for your patience, and we will report to you as soon as possible.

Class of 2020

The Class of 2020 in-person commencement celebration will take place May 22, 2022. Details will be shared as soon as possible.

Watch the 2020 Virtual Ceremony