Outdoor Odyssey- Fees, Financial Aid and Cancellation

  • Minimum Fee: $25
  • Full Fee: $425

Financial Aid

Financial aid for the Outdoor Odyssey pre-orientation program is robust. Any incoming student receiving financial aid to attend Davidson can receive aid for Outdoor Odyssey. We match 100% of the aid given by Davidson, minus a minimum program fee of $25 that every participant will pay. For example, if you receive 100% aid from Davidson you will pay only the $25 program fee to attend Outdoor Odyssey.  

If, in spite of this structure, you still need assistance to participate, please contact us at 704-894-2522 or email odyssey@davidson.edu. We would like to reduce any financial barriers to participation.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at odyssey@davidson.edu or by phone at 704-894-2522.

When you receive a spot in an Outdoor Odyssey session, we will email you your adjusted costs if you are eligible for a financial aid package.


Outdoor Odyssey will bill your Davidson College account on the first day of your session. By registering, you agree to pay any Odyssey program charges when they are applied to your college account. Please read the cancellation policy carefully.


No payment for Outdoor Odyssey will be taken until the first day of the program. We will NOT charge anyone for a cancellation due to COVID-19. Please refer to the Outdoor Odyssey information packet for specific cancellation information. 

Service Odyssey- Fees, Financial Aid and Cancellation

Information about Service Odyssey 2022 is forthcoming.