The Orientation Team supports New Student Orientation by assisting with move-in, leading orientation sessions and energizing and mentoring our new students. 

These student leaders come from around the country and world, and they cannot wait to welcome Davidson's new students to campus this August.

Meet the Orientation Team Leaders (OTLs)

Listed in alphabetical order, these students assist the Student Activities Office with preparations for Orientation and oversee the recruitment, training, and support of Orientation Team Mentors both prior to and during Orientation.

Eliana Burgin

Eliana Burgin '25

Charlotte, North Carolina

Mary Lowance

Mary Lowance '24

Atlanta, Georgia

Jake McGraw

Jake McGraw '25

Davidson, North Carolina

Italy Ramos

Italy Ramos '25

San Antonio, Texas

Lillian Sirover

Lilly Sirover '24

Haddonfield, New Jersey

Cole Vulpis

Cole Vulpis '24

Apex, North Carolina

Meet the Orientation Team Mentors (OTMs)

Listed in alphabetical order, these students help to facilitate the transition of students into the campus community. Each OTM leads a small group of new students and serves as a resource and mentor both during and after Orientation.

Kate Addison

Kate Addison '26

Charlotte, North Carolina

Johnny Anderson

Johnny Anderson '25

Boise, Idaho

Madeleine Baublitz

Madeleine Baublitz '25

Miami, Florida

Emma Bazemore

Emma Bazemore '25

Fairfax, Virginia

Jessica Bryant

Jess Bryant '25

Decatur, Georgia

Don’t be afraid to ask your professors for help. I promise you they are understanding!

Connor Hines '26
Sofia Cimballa

Sofia Cimballa '26

Palm Beach, Florida

Madeline Dierauf

Madeline Dierauf '25

Brevard, North Carolina

Cate DuPuy

Cate DuPuy '25

Charlotte, North Carolina

Gabe Edmonston

Gabe Edmonston '26

Raleigh, North Carolina

Cole Erickson

Cole Erickson '26

Freeland, Maryland

Phil Greenwood

Phil Greenwood '26

Northport, New York

If low on funds and/or dining dollars, explore Lula Bells for food, textbooks, business clothing, etc. to rent. They have a lot of resources and are very helpful!

Madeleine Baublitz '25
Alisa Grishechkina

Alisa Grishechkina '26

Holliston, Massachusetts

Mickey Hauber

Mickey Hauber '25

Vienna, Virginia

Virginia Heiser

Virginia Heiser '24

Atlanta, Georgia

Caree Henry

Caree Henry '24

New Haven, Connecticut

Katherine Herrema

Katherine Herrema '24

New York City, New York

Connor Hines

Connor Hines '26

Mooresville, North Carolina

When all else fails, the waffles in Vail Commons will never let you down!

Beth Holmes '26
Leigha Hofmann

Leigha Hofmann '25

Durham, North Carolina

Beth Holmes

Beth Holmes '26

Lexington, North Carolina

Safwan Islam

Safwan Islam '24

Wichita, Kansas

Naomi Janis

Naomi Janis '26

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sophie Landers

Sophie Landers '26

Atlanta, Georgia

Thomas Lane

Thomas Lane '26

Lexington, Massachusetts

Ben Laumakis

Ben Laumakis '24

San Diego, California

Maren Lawee

Maren Lawee '26

New York City, New York

Katherine Marshall

Katherine Marshall '26

Atlanta, Georgia

Find a little spot on campus that makes you happy! When I need alone time, it really helps me to go to my favorite spot on campus and chill or do homework or whatever I need to do.

Zoe Smithwick '24
Jackson McDonald

Jackson McDonald '26

Charlotte, North Carolina

Eliza McGee

Eliza McGee '26

Houston, Texas

Matt McLaughlin

Matt McLaughlin '25

Warrenton, Virginia

Emma Melton

Emma Melton '24

Frederick, Maryland

Jordan Miller

Jordan Miller '26

Apex, North Carolina

Zoe Moseley

Zoe Moseley '26

New Orleans, Louisiana

Evie Mulhern

Evie Mulhern '25

Alexandria, Virginia

Dolph Orthwein

Dolph Orthwein '26

Atlanta, Georgia

Katieanne Peterson

Katieanne Peterson '24

Atlanta, Georgia

Sign up and try a bunch of new things first semester to figure out what you enjoy and want to keep doing.

Thomas Lane '26
Dani Porges

Dani Porges '25

Plantation, Florida

Bess Prigden

Bess Pridgen '24

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Malik Ramadanovic

Malik Ramadanovic '25

Durham, North Carolina

Annabelle Ross

Annabelle Ross '24

Redwood City, California

Natalie Russell

Natalie Russell '25

Durham, North Carolina

Joanna Schwartz

Joanna Schwartz '25

Lincoln, Massachusetts

Jordyn Scott

Jordyn Scott '26

Woolwich Township, New Jersey

Max Shackelford

Max Shackelford '25

Memphis, Tennessee

Zoe Smithwick

Zoe Smithwick '24

Charlotte, North Carolina

RLO’s website has a list of free movies you can watch without Netflix or TV.

Sophia Timotijevic '26
Caitlin Stehn

Caitlin Stehn '24

Duxbury, Massachusetts

Trent Thompson

Trent Thompson '26

Kannapolis, North Carolina

Sophia Timotijevic

Sophia Timotijevic '26

Chicago, Illinois

Lukas Valley

Lukas Valley '26

Davidson, North Carolina

Alana Wilson

Alana Wilson '24

Honolulu, Hawai’i