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Web Development

Introduction to Web Accessibility

Introduction to Web Accessibility is a free online course that introduces tools and techniques for web developers to easily ensure that websites are more accessible to users who are blind or have low vision.

Web Accessibility by Google

Free Online Course Offered by Udacity (Advanced)

In this Udacity web accessibility course you'll get hands-on experience making web applications accessible. You'll understand when and why users need accessibility. Then you'll dive into the "how": making a page work properly with screen readers, and managing input focus (e.g. the highlight you see when tabbing through a form.) You'll understand what "semantics" and "semantic markup" mean for web pages and add ARIA markup to enable navigating the interface with a range of assistive devices. Finally, you'll learn styling techniques that help users with partial vision navigate your pages easily and reliably.

UX Foundations: Accessibility

Free Online Course Offered by LinkedIn Learning

When websites, technologies, or tools are poorly designed, they can create barriers that exclude people with disabilities from using the web. In the UX Foundations: Accessibility course, you'll learn how accessibility lowers the barrier to entry, by providing equal access and opportunity to people with a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight and cognitive abilities. The course introduces the core concepts of accessibility as they apply to UX design, including an overview of the assistive technology visitors may use to access your projects.

Time commitment: 1 hour, 20 minutes

WordPress Accessibility

Free Online Course Offered by LinkedIn Learning

This WordPress accessibility course, merging WordPress coding with accessible web design techniques, helps you make sure your website meets modern accessibility standards. You'll learn how to use the power of WordPress to quickly build a beautiful and accessible website that can be used by people with different types of abilities.

Time commitment: 1 hour, 31 minutes

PDF Accessibility

Acrobat DC: Creating Accessible PDFs

Free Online Course Offered by LinkedIn Learning

Accessibility means making sure your content is available to as many people as possible. When you make your PDFs accessible, it means adding tags, bookmarks, alt text, and other information that makes the files readable to users who are visually or mobility impaired. Using Acrobat DC, and other tools such as Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign, it's now much easier and faster to create valid, accessible PDF files. In this Acrobat DC: Creating Accessible PDFs course, you will learn why accessibility is important and what features an accessible PDF should include, and how to streamline the process of creating accessible PDFs using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign and Acrobat DC.