Davidson College students, faculty, and staff can access nearly all of the library's databases and electronic resources from off campus through the library's proxy server.

Accessing Resources Off Campus

  1. Use the links on the library's Web pages to connect to electronic resources. The links on the Indexes & Databases pages, guides, and Library Catalog records are persistent urls that will work on campus and off.

    Product and vendor-specific URLs (e.g. www.jstor.org) and bookmarks that use them usually won't work off campus. We recommend using the library's webpages as access points.
  2. After you click on a database link from a library webpage, you will get the Davidson College Single Sign On page.  Please log in as normal.
  3. Once you've logged in and been authenticated, you'll be taken directly to the database.

Sessions time out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Please note that due to licensing restrictions, off-campus access to electronic resources is only available to currently-enrolled Davidson students and currently-employed faculty and staff.