Financial aid scholarships are available for early- and regular-decision admission applicants.

The amount of financial aid awarded is based on calculated need.

During the admission process for international applicants, we are not need-blind but we do commit to meeting 100 percent of the calculated financial need for those admitted. Financial aid is limited and competitive; international students seeking financial assistance must apply for aid at the time of applying for admission, and by the deadlines indicated.

Applications for financial assistance from international students submitted after admission to Davidson are not accepted, nor will they be accepted for the duration of enrollment at Davidson. Read more about the admission requirements and view our tuition and fees information to help you fill out the required forms.

Required Forms for All International Students

Required financial aid verification and application documents will be available in the Davidson portal after submitting an application for admission.

International Students Applying for Financial Aid

Complete this online form: CSS Profile. (Please note, Davidson does not provide fee waivers for the CSS Profile, which is $25.)

If your family's financial contribution for your education will be less than $5,000 per year, you will have access to an alternative form on your Davidson admission portal. If your family contribution will be more than $5,000 per year, we require the CSS Profile. 

Outside Scholarship Policy

Students must report all outside scholarships or resources received from organizations or agencies to the Office of Financial Aid. The combination of federal, state, Davidson financial aid and outside scholarships and resources may not exceed the Cost of Attendance. Outside scholarship funds and resources will first reduce or replace Student Employment eligibility ($2,100), and the remainder of the scholarship will then reduce the Expected Family Contribution by up to a maximum of $2,900, annually. Any scholarship or resource in excess of $5,000 will result in the reduction of Davidson College awarded financial aid. This treatment will be applied each year the scholarship or resources is renewed up to a maximum of four years or eight semesters. Students are responsible for completing the Outside Scholarship form and returning it to the Office of Financial Aid by June 1. Please use the official name of the scholarship or awarding organization.

Davidson Scholarships

International applicants, with the exception of international transfer applicants, are eligible for all of our scholarships. Please note if a separate application is required for a specific scholarship.

Alvarez Scholars

The Alvarez Scholars Program supports the family's longtime commitment to global education. All international students who apply for financial aid are considered for this prestigious scholarship.

Alvarez Scholars Program