Davidson College has more young alums than ever before, and the potential for significant, collective impact is clear.

Alums who graduated within the last 10 years make up well over a quarter of total Davidson graduates, and they have limitless opportunity to make a big difference as volunteers, advocates and donors.

Why Young Alumni Ne Ultra (YANU)?

Young alumni members of the Ne Ultra Society receive leadership giving recognition and special Davidson networking opportunities. YANU members’ gifts provide transformative impact to the areas of campus meaningful to them.

Each year, members of YANU are invited to an annual Ne Ultra gathering, where they have the opportunity to connect with fellow leaders in their fields and the Wildcat community.

Giving society membership is based on annual support of the college in a given fiscal year (July 1, 2023— June 30, 2024). Young Alumni Ne Ultra gifts are celebrated at the following levels:

  • Class of 2023-2024 (0-1 years out): $100
  • Class of 2022 (2 years out): $200
  • Class of 2021 (3 years out): $300
  • Class of 2020 (4 years out): $400
  • Class of 2019 (5 years out): $500
  • Classes of 2018-2014 (6-10 years out): $1,000

For more information on Young Alumni Ne Ultra, please contact: Serena Sewell, assistant director of annual giving at sesewell@davidson.edu or 704-894-1326.

What's the Impact of YANU?

Last fiscal year, 41 young alum households chose to support Davidson at the Ne Ultra level, contributing more than $190,407 collectively and providing critical support to more than 1,900 Davidson students and every area of campus life.

Give Today

Wondering how you can give to Davidson? Here are all the ways you can reach out.

Young Alumni Ne Ultra Chair

The Young Alumni Ne Ultra Chair works to increase education and marketing efforts among young alumni donors about leadership giving and philanthropy to Davidson.

Gracie Ghartey-Tagoe ’18

Senior Analyst, Strategic Business Development at The Home Depot

“As a Davidson alum, I am continuously reminded of the opportunities and community that the college has provided me. Giving at the leadership level allows me to support current and future Wildcats as they are also transformed by their Davidson experience, developing disciplined and creative minds for lives of leadership and service.”