We are committed to making a Davidson education affordable. Financial aid packages typically include a combination of grants, scholarships, and student employment.  All students who wish to be considered for need-based financial aid must reapply each year. 

FAFSA Simplification & Deadlines

Although the 2024-2025 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will likely not be available until early 2024, other financial aid application materials may be submitted earlier than that, if desired. However, even the earliest of our deadlines for this year takes into account the delayed availability of the FAFSA, ensuring that all students will have the opportunity to meet the goal of having an on-time application.

Financial Aid Applications

Evaluating Applications

We evaluate each need-based financial aid application according to these guiding principles:

  • You and your family have the primary responsibility for college costs, to the extent of your ability.
  • Your ability to contribute may be determined through assessment of your CSS Profile and Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Financial need is the estimated annual cost of attending Davidson minus your family's estimated annual contribution.
  • In determining the "number in college" for awarding Davidson's grant funds, only siblings who are seeking their first undergraduate degree will be considered. Siblings who are in graduate school or are pursuing an additional undergraduate degree will not be counted as a family member in college.

Application Process

Complete the Required Forms listed on the Financial Aid Forms page.

You may also be requested to submit:

  • CSS Profile from the noncustodial parent (if biological or adoptive parents are not living together and are unmarried, divorced, or separated);
  • Schedule K-1 (if a parent is involved with a business partnership or S corporation);
  • Verification Worksheet (if a student is selected for federal verification);
  • A non-filer's certification (if you did not file a tax return in the relevant year).

We receive the CSS Profile and FAFSA data electronically. You do not need to submit copies of these forms to our office.

Additionally, when you file your CSS Profile you will receive an email from the College Board explaining how to submit your tax returns and other forms through the College Board's IDOC service.

Financial Aid Forms

A complete list of forms and worksheets is available on the Financial Aid Forms page.

Application Deadlines

  • Priority deadline: Feb. 15. Submit the CSS Profile and FAFSA.  Also submit to the College Board's IDOC Service signed copies of student and parent federal income tax returns (including all forms, schedules, and W-2s).  Financial aid offers will be released in April.
  • Final deadline: April 1.  Submit the CSS Profile and FAFSA.  Also submit to the College Board's IDOC Service signed copies of student and parent federal income tax returns (including all forms, schedules, and W-2s).  Financial aid offers will be released by June 1.
  • The Controller's Office will issue fall semester electronic bills to students in early July with a due date of July 25. Bills will reflect all fall charges and all fall financial aid awarded. Loans will be reflected only if they have been applied for by early July.

Late Applications

Students who file aid application materials after the published deadlines are subject to a reduction in the college grant portion of the award. This grant reduction will be filled with a student loan offer of $3,500.

Athletic Grant Renewal

The grant will be renewed automatically if you continue to participate in your sport as required by the Athletic Department.

The Davidson College Athletics Financial Aid Agreement will be sent to you by June 30 as required by the NCAA.

Study Abroad and Away

Access the required Off-Campus Financial Aid Agreement Form, to be submitted electronically by March 15 for fall-only and full-year programs and by November 15 for spring-only programs.

To learn more about how your financial aid offer can be used for off-campus study, visit our Off-Campus Study FAQs.

If you have questions after reviewing the information in both documents, please contact Brandee Norwood at financialaidoffice@davidson.edu or at 704-894-2232.

Outside Scholarships and Resources

Students must report all outside scholarships and resources to the Financial Aid Office. The combination of federal, state, and Davidson financial aid, as well as outside scholarships and resources, may not exceed the total Cost of Attendance. Outside funds first reduce the Student Employment award, then the Expected Family Contribution; then, if all outside resources together exceed $5,000 for the year, or if Student Employment and Expected Family Contribution have both been fully replaced, aid awarded from Davidson will be reduced as well. This treatment will be applied each year the scholarship or resource is renewed up to a maximum of four years or eight semesters. In all cases, as soon as possible after they are notified of their outside award, students must complete and submit the Outside Resources Form so award adjustments may be made as needed.  The Outside Resources Form may be found on our Financial Aid Forms page.

Health Insurance

Davidson requires all students to have personal health insurance. Students already covered by a family health insurance plan may be exempted from Davidson’s plan by submitting an online waiver verifying coverage. Not all health insurance plans are transferable; you must confirm with your current insurance provider that you would be covered in Davidson, North Carolina. Students not covered by a family health insurance plan will be enrolled in Davidson's Insurance Plan.


The Work-Study award represents approximately 10 hours of work per week. Students remaining in their jobs from year to year see an increase in their hourly pay rate. The amount of the Work-Study award will not be deducted from your bill but will instead be paid bi-weekly, as work is performed throughout the semester. Not all students will qualify for Work-Study, but there are opportunities for students to work, if they choose to do so, through the Student Employment Office. Learn more about the Work-Study program.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students receiving federal, state and institutional funding in their financial aid awards must be enrolled on a full-time basis and must attain minimum grade-point average and course completion requirements.  For more information, please see our web page on Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Academic or Personal Leave

A student who wishes to take academic or personal leave from Davidson College may do so upon approval from the Registrar or Dean of Students.

Student Accounts

We want to make it easy for you to navigate your student accounts to find information on payments, tuition and fees, room and meal rates, credit balances, and more.

Withdrawal & Refunds

Fees apply when a student notifies the Registrar that he/she plans to withdraw from the college. Davidson's policy is to refund 100 percent of tuition or room rent if a student withdraws before the tenth day of classes. Otherwise, no refund of tuition or room rent will be made.

Frequently Asked Questions

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