Davidson College does not adjust institutionally funded financial aid due to a student’s choice to get married.  Generally, students who initially applied for financial aid as dependents of their parents will be required to submit parental data on the CSS Profile until their graduation.

For federal funds, the FAFSA is a “snapshot” of your status on the day you submit the form. Students who are getting married may find that their ability to pay for school has changed. The Financial Aid Office can review your current status to determine if updating your marital status on your FAFSA will better reflect your ability to pay for school.

Who is Eligible to Change their Marital Status?

Current Academic Year

Students may petition to change their marital status on the FAFSA only if they were married by December 31 of the current academic year. Any student married after December 31, will not qualify to change their marital status for the current academic year.

If applying for spring aid only, you must still be married by December 31, and financial aid documents must be fully submitted by February 1 of the current academic year. We cannot process your marital change if you are not continuing to enroll in courses for the spring term.

Next Academic Year

We recommend that, if possible, students wait to complete their FAFSA until after they are married. Davidson’s financial aid deadline is April 1, and we do recommend you still complete your FAFSA on time. If you are selected for verification, you are required to complete verification first. If you get married after the deadline and you have already completed your FAFSA, you will want to meet with a financial aid counselor. 

Decisions to update marital status are made on a case-by-case basis and are based on the documentation you provide. We advise that you still submit your FAFSA before the April 1 financial aid deadline.  We recommend that, once married, you consider making an appointment with the Financial Aid Office to talk about options regarding your dependency status. 

Schedule an Appointment with Financial Aid

How to Change the Marital Status on your FAFSA

  1. Make an appointment with the Financial Aid Office online.
  2. Be prepared to talk about your and your spouse’s income, assets, and the people in your household. You may also be asked to discuss your financial and living situations, so our office can get a clear picture of your current circumstances.
  3. If it appears it will benefit you, a financial aid counselor will initiate verification items for you to complete.

You will need the following:

  • Letter explaining all assets of the student and new spouse,
  • Marriage Certificate,
  • Verification Worksheet (if previously completed, an updated version will be requested), and
  • Income Verification for you and your spouse.

Items to verify income for you and your spouse include:

  • W-2s/1099s for both partners (if you worked) – Wage and Income Transcripts work great for this!
  • Tax Returns or Tax Return Transcripts (if you filed taxes or were required to file taxes)
  • If you did not work, an IRS Letter of Non-Filing

After documents are reviewed, if it is confirmed that the change benefits you, you will receive an email that your FAFSA has been updated. Within 2-3 weeks you will then receive an updated financial aid offer. Please be alert for emails from our office, as we often need to reach out to students for additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you changing your name?

Unless you have a Social Security card in your possession that has your new name on it, we recommend that you not change your name on the FAFSA just yet, even if a legal name change is in process.

Will the Financial Aid Office verify my spouse's and my income?

All students who update their FAFSA based on a change in marital status will be selected for verification. You will be required to submit for review by the Financial Aid Office all income information for both you and your spouse.

If approved for a change in marital status on the FAFSA, what will change in my financial aid offer?

If a change in marital status is approved, the Financial Aid Office will update the FAFSA with the tax information submitted through the change process.  You will receive any federal funding (such as Pell Grant) for which you are eligible in addition to any financial aid you were already awarded.

My partner is also a student. How does that work?

If you are approved for a change in marital status, typically the Financial Aid Office will adjust both partners’ FAFSAs and award any possible federal aid.

Can I still get the Parent Plus Loan if approved?

No, you cannot continue to receive a Parent Plus Loan, even if approved.

I updated my FAFSA without first checking with the Financial Aid Office. What happens now?

You will automatically be selected for verification. This may mean we have to cancel aid you have already received until the verification process is completed. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.