The value of the Outdoor Odyssey hinges on the presence of reasonable risks. 

These risks—including the emotional risk of making new friends and the physical risks involved in backpacking, paddling, and camping—cannot be eliminated, but they can be reduced by your active involvement in monitoring your own safety and the safety of the group. Other ways we reduce risks include:

  • Our trip leaders are trained in backcountry travel skills and hold current certifications in wilderness first aid and CPR.
  • They will inform you of risks involved in the trip and will provide instruction and equipment for managing these risks.
  • If you decide to participate in the Outdoor Odyssey, you must follow safety instructions and be ready to assume responsibility for recognizing and minimizing risks.
  • Each participant must sign an Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability document before the trip.

Please do not register for the Outdoor Odyssey if you assume it is "perfectly safe," or if you are not ready to be a contributing member of your group.