Davidson is committed to building a community that includes the brightest and most curious minds from every corner of the world. Each fall, students join our community from dozens of countries around the world as well as many states across the United States.

Annually, we receive more than 800 international applications from students in more than 75 countries. We're proud that eight percent of our community comes from more than 50 countries outside of the United States. Diverse cultures are embraced, shared and celebrated on campus through the work of many student organizations and our International Student Services office provides support and assistance as you adjust to U.S. culture and education.

At Davidson, you will be challenged. The challenge is exciting yet manageable. You'll find passion in new areas. You'll find excitement in your readings, writings, debates, conversations and social engagements. Davidson will become your home for the next four years.

College Life at a U.S. Liberal Arts College

Santiago Navia '17, shares his perspective on taking full advantage of all that is offered at a liberal arts college while also being mindful about what it means to study and live in another country.

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