Whether you are studying off campus today, next semester, or next year, the Financial Aid Office is happy to answer your questions about financial aid for off-campus study.

Please read the information on this page.  If you have questions after reviewing our FAQs, feel free to contact Assistant Director of Financial Aid Brandee Norwood at financialaidoffice@davidson.edu or at 704-894-2232.

Students Studying Away During 2022-2023: Important Steps

Regardless of the other deadlines that may apply to your specific program, or to your application with the Office of Education Abroad and Away, please be sure to complete our electronic Off-Campus Financial Aid Agreement by the relevant deadline noted below:

Fall 2022 Tuesday, March 22, 2022
Spring 2023 Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Also, please be sure that your bank account information is updated with Business Services, as any credit refunds will be deposited into the bank account on file.

Continue reading for more information about how financial aid works for off-campus study.

All Students: What to Know Before You Go

No matter where you choose to study, you're bound to have an amazing educational experience.  Being prepared, by reading the information here and on the Education Abroad website, will help you make the most of your study-away opportunity while minimizing any "bumps in the road"!

Are You Receiving an Athletic Scholarship?

If so, please contact Davidson’s NCAA Compliance Director Katy McNay (kamcnay@davidson.edu) about your off-campus study plans.

Home Tuition Policy

In order to remain continuously enrolled at Davidson, even when studying off campus you will pay the “home tuition” to Davidson ($28,305/semester for 2022-2023). Business Services will coordinate with the Office of Education Abroad and Away to pay the host program’s tuition on your behalf. No refund will be issued for any difference that may exist between Davidson’s tuition and the off-campus program’s tuition, as Davidson’s tuition is factored into your full cost of attendance, and your aid is based on that figure. You should expect to receive two billing statements: one from Davidson’s Business Services (for tuition) and another from your off-campus study program (for all non-tuition/transcript costs).

If you are not currently receiving financial aid that exceeds the cost of Davidson's tuition, the non-tuition/transcript costs of your program (i.e., room, board, transportation, and miscellaneous or personal expenses) will be covered by your family contribution. If you are currently receiving financial aid that exceeds the cost of Davidson's tuition, many programs will defer your payment for room and board fees until your financial aid is disbursed and any credit refund can be issued to you. If you will be relying on financial aid to pay a partner program’s non-tuition charges, you should request the program’s deferral form and forward it directly to Brandee Norwood at financialaidoffice@davidson.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much aid should I expect to receive?

  • Federal, State, and Davidson College need-based aid: As in any year, your eligibility for need-based aid is determined based on the FAFSA and/or CSS Profile. Once your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) has been calculated, and a financial aid offer issued, need-based aid may be transferred toward the cost of an off-campus study program. If your program—including the cost of Davidson’s “home tuition”—is more expensive than Davidson’s on-campus cost, you will be responsible for paying the difference. However, if your program cost is less than or equal to Davidson’s on-campus cost, your EFC would remain the same as if you were on campus. Because the EFC remains constant, if your program cost is less than Davidson’s on-campus cost, your aid will be reduced.
  • Federal or Private Loans: Regardless of whether or not you receive other aid, you will continue to be able to use federal and/or private loans for your off-campus study program during the academic year.
  • Federal Work Study: Students will not be eligible to participate in the work study program when studying off campus, so no work study award will be included in an aid offer for a semester off campus.

What if I’m participating in a Davidson scholarship program that covers specific costs?

Below are details about some of our scholarship programs. If you have questions about a scholarship not listed, please contact Brandee Norwood at financialaidoffice@davidson.edu.

  • Belk, Charles, Duke, and Terry Scholars: Students receiving these non-need-based awards will continue to have their "home tuition" covered by their scholarships.  Other, non-tuition costs will be covered to whatever extent they would have been covered on campus, up to Davidson's parallel costs. No refunds will be issued based solely on off-campus costs being less than Davidson's costs, and off-campus costs greater than Davidson's parallel costs will be the student's responsibility. For more information, contact scholarships@davidson.edu.
  • Bonner Scholars: If they are able to continue to meet Bonner program requirements, Bonner Scholars may continue to receive their stipends while studying off campus. To learn more, contact Hannah Gilbert (hagilbert@davidson.edu).
  • QuestBridge Match Scholars: QuestBridge Match Scholars receive funding equal to Davidson’s Cost of Attendance (i.e., tuition, fees, room, board, transportation, books, supplies, and personal expenses.) Those funds may be applied to cover parallel costs while studying off campus. If the off-campus program costs less than being on campus at Davidson, aid will be reduced accordingly. Scholars should contact financialaidoffice@davidson.edu if they have questions.
  • Posse Scholars: Posse Scholars will continue to have their “home tuition” paid when studying off campus. If students are receiving need-based financial aid that exceeds tuition and the student fee, they may use those funds towards their room, board, transportation, and/or personal expenses while off campus. Please contact financialaidoffice@davidson.edu with questions.

When will I receive my financial aid offer?

To assist students as they finalize their travel plans, the Financial Aid Office works to expedite financial aid offers for all students studying off campus. However, we can only prepare an aid offer if a student’s financial aid application is complete. Students should check their Davidson College applicant portal to verify that all required items have been submitted. Students with complete applications will begin to receive their offers by late May or early June. Students will receive an e-mail notification when their aid offers have been prepared.

How and when will my aid disburse to my tuition account?

Once students arrive at their host program and the add/drop period ends, each student is responsible for having their program administrator submit verification of enrollment. This information will be submitted on an electronic form we will send students near the time of the add/drop deadline, so they may share it with their program administrator. Funds may take 7-10 business days to disburse, so please be timely in submitting this information.

What if I receive an outside scholarship?

Davidson’s outside resource policy remains largely the same for students who are participating in off-campus study programs. Students will generally receive direct benefit of up to $5,000 from outside resources in any year in which such external funds are received. Outside resources first offset any work study award, then the family contribution, before Davidson aid would be reduced.  If your off-campus study costs are greater than costs on campus, and if you have  outside resources totaling more than $5,000, any "excess" resource may be applied toward the greater-than-usual costs for your program.  It is still the case, though, that any funds that cannot be expended in the manner outlined above would reduce Davidson College aid, as all sources of aid together may not exceed a student's total cost of attendance.

What if I can’t afford the program deposit or airfare?

Davidson does not provide financial aid advances. Students should first contact their program provider to see if the deposit may be deferred. If not, or if covering the cost of airfare is problematic, please contact Donna Baysinger in Business Services (dobaysinger@davidson.edu).


Brandee Norwood is the primary Financial Aid Office contact regarding off-campus study. If you have additional questions after reviewing the information found here, please feel free to reach out to Ms. Norwood at financialaidoffice@davidson.edu or at 704-894-2232.