The primary goal of the Davidson Research Network (DRN) is to provide an off campus summer research experience of approximately eight weeks for Davidson students who plan to pursue a career in the health sciences.

Each DRN experience is conducted under the mentorship of a research scientist leading their field of inquiry. Many of the mentors are Davidson graduates who have assumed leadership roles in health science education across the US.

A particular aspect of the DRN is the ability to pick a research experience at a location where the Davidson student may be interested in applying to graduate school. This allows the student to evaluate the institution and develop contacts for future recommendations should they apply to graduate school in that area. DRN sites are available across the country and include the following disciplines: Oncology, Infectious Disease, Immunology, Airway Disease, Neonatology, Neuroscience, Dermatology, Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry, HIV Immunity and Prevention, Substance Abuse, Biomedical Engineering, and Healthcare Policy.

Detailed Information For the 2022 Sites

Competitive stipends of $5,000 are available to support this training.

The research internship with Dr. Clyde Wright at the University of Colorado is through the University of Colorado Graduate Experiences for Multicultural Students (GEMS) program. This program focuses on underrepresented minority or first generation college students. There is a separate GEMS application which is submitted after the student is selected by the DRN program.

Application: The 2021-2022 application is available here.
Deadline: Friday, October 29, 2021 by 5 p.m.
Contact: Nicole L. Snyder (