Staff are listed here alphabetically by last name. Click on a staff name to send an email. General questions can be emailed to Use our Davidson FAQs as another point of reference.

Admission & Financial Aid Contacts

Marlene Arellano Admission Counselor
Bridget Ashton Admission Counselor
Dionnia Brown Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Admission Counselor
Kortni Campbell Senior Associate Dean
David Gelinas Director of Financial Aid
Christopher Gruber VP/Dean of Admission & Financial Aid
Catherine Hare Assistant Dean
Meredith High Senior Assistant Dean
Leah Hoffman Assistant Dean and Director of July Experience
Kaye-Lani Laughna International Admission Officer
Gardner Roller Ligo Director of Merit Programs
Mike Mansuy Senior Assistant Dean
Maygan Olsen-Malone Admission Counselor/Assistant Director of July Experience
Patrick Orr Senior Assistant Dean
Bree Shepard Financial Aid Counselor
Chad Spencer Senior Associate Dean
Anna Stovall                   Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Operations & Other Contacts

Castella Conner Application Processing Manager
Tammy Forthofer Assistant to the Dean
Julie Holland Merit Programs Assistant
Allison Melton Operations Specialist
Linda Terry Operations Specialist       
Jan Tevepaugh Admission Receptionist
Michele Trovato Visit Program Coordinator
Melinda Zweifel Financial Aid Receptionist