The John M. Belk Scholarship is Davidson's flagship award.

The John M. Belk Scholarship provides scholars with great flexibility in the on- and off-campus opportunities they choose to explore. Those experiences, paired with Davidson's academic programs, deepen your insight, maturity, and understanding of global issues. The Belk Scholarship provides comprehensive funding (tuition, fees, room and board) plus two $3,000 special opportunity stipends to support intellectual, personal, and leadership development over the course of the scholar's college career. Thanks to the generosity of the John M. Belk Educational Endowment, 32 Belk Scholars are currently enrolled at Davidson (eight Belk Scholars named in each entering class). 

Nomination & Selection Process

School counselors, principals/heads of school, or college access program leadership may nominate up to two candidates. You may also be nominated by The Davidson Admission Committee on the basis of your strong application for admission. 

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Meet the Belk Scholars

Belk Scholars are intellectual explorers with experiences that reflect a varied range of interests, talents and achievements. Learn more about how current and alumni Belk Scholars act as change agents and servant leaders to make an impact on the world around them.

Meet The Belk Scholars

What Defines a Belk Scholar?

Lorena James Dancing

Challenge Seekers

Embrace a multi-dimensional lifestyle, giving rich evidence of intellectual depth and academic achievement, as well as accomplishment in other meaningful activities.

Student chats with Prof. Belloni

Intellectual Explorers

Exude an eagerness to learn within every facet of life. Generate & engage with ideas seriously, striving to enrich their own understanding, as well as that of others.

Health Adviser Skits

Servant Leaders

Maintain strength of character, including confidence and humility, and a tremendous regard for collaboration.

Student and Prof. Katie St. Claire talking in Painting Class

Change Agents

Act as catalysts for community improvement, making unique connections in order to bring about positive change.

Belk Alumni

Belk Scholars often go on to lead incredible and impactful careers after their time at Davidson. 

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