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  • Odyssey Pre-Orientation Outdoor Experience

    This pre-orientation Odyssey program is a unique opportunity to get to know your fellow students before arriving on campus in August. Our trip leaders are Davidson students or graduates, trained in backcountry travel and leadership, who will help you learn new skills, face new challenges and make new friends.

Outdoor Odyssey

We offer multiple session dates and trips for the Backcountry and Basecamp Odyssey programs. Financial aid is available for each.


Backcountry Odyssey takes place in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains in western North Carolina. Students cooperate and encourage each other as they backpack, camp, whitewater canoe, rock climb, or complete a service project, all while learning how to live outdoors with minimal impact on the environment. This is a vigorous program with all the challenges and rewards that come with time spent traveling and living in remote areas.


Basecamp Odyssey is an opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities with your peers in a less remote environment. Like the Backcountry program, most activities take place in western N.C. The program often features daytime excursions for hikes, rafting, lake canoeing, stand up paddleboarding, introductory rock climbing and group initiatives. The exertion level of this program is less strenuous than the Backcountry Odyssey, and your group returns each evening to your tents in a developed campground with access to bathrooms and showers. The Basecamp experience is available during all five-day sessions.


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