The Physical Plant department is responsible for building and maintaining the facilities and equipment of Davidson College.

The department's goal is to provide a comfortable, clean, and safe environment that fosters learning and meets the operational needs for all programs of the college community. Its many offices are located across the campus.


Sparrow's Nest: The Sparrow's Nest is located near the laundry at 304 Baker Drive, between Belk Residence Hall and Vail Commons. It is accessible from the laundry parking lot.

McMillan Building: The offices are occupied by administration for the engineering, construction and facility management departments of the Physical Plant. It is located on Ridge Road with parking available behind the building.

Warehouse, Grounds and Engineering Maintenance: Warehouse, Grounds and Engineering Maintenance is located on Ridge Road (across from the golf course). 

Collins Chiller Plant: The central chiller plant is a state-of-the-art facility that supplies 42-degree water via underground pipes to cool buildings on campus. It replaced the air conditioning units in these buildings with 40 percent more efficiency. It is named for Robert W. Collins, director of the physical plant from 1990 to 2000.

Steam Plant: The Steam Plant is located next to the laundry in the center of campus. 

Cashion Power Substation: Located on the west side of campus, the substation provides the campus with a more secure source of electricity, attaching directly to Duke Power's main transmission lines. Engineered in a "loop" configuration, the college can quickly restore power to a building from another direction if an underground line on campus is cut. The substation is named for Phillip D. Cashion, the director of utilities at the college for 37 years.