Davidson’s admission process is highly selective, and we enroll students who have academic potential and the motivation to succeed.

We consider a broad range of achievement. That being said, you may still have questions about testing, pre-college credit, home-schooling and more.

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Note to Applicants

Davidson College reserves the right to evaluate an application and make a final decision, even if all parts of the application have not been received.

Davidson College may be required to report incidents of abuse disclosed in applications.

A final transcript will be required from the student’s high school in June reflecting successful completion of the academic program and high school graduation. It is fully expected that the remainder of the work and personal conduct will be similar in academic caliber to the work and personal conduct upon which this offer of admission was granted. The college reserves the right to rescind or modify its offer of admission should there be changes in the academic achievement or personal conduct upon which the admission decision was based. Similar expectations and conditions apply to transfer students.

Home-Schooled Students

We encourage home-schooled students to contact the Admission Office prior to submitting an application. We recommend that home-schooled applicants and candidates applying from non-traditional schools submit either ACT or SAT test results, though they are not required. We do ask that all recommendations come from non-family members and that detailed syllabi or programs of instruction are provided as part of the application.

Please email admission@davidson.edu or call 704-894-2969 to discuss your situation as questions arise.