Hearing perspectives from students who are living and breathing the current Davidson experience is one of the best ways to get to know this community.

We encourage you to send questions to admissionambassadors@davidson.edu for a student-oriented perspective on life at Davidson.

In addition, feel free to reach out to one of our Senior Fellows profiled below.

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Carter Cook Headshot

Carter Cook

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

Major: Political Science

Minor: Data Science

What I did last summer: I interned for LegiStorm, a congressional database in Washington D.C. (and I lived with Katie, who is also a Senior Admission Fellow!)

A favorite thing about Davidson: Lake Campus! It is such an accessible and easy getaway for Davidson Students during the week to either go swimming, paddle board, or see an amazing Lake Norman sunset. 

Other campus involvements: Honor Council Vice Chair, DATA Cats Consultant in the Jay Hurt Hub, Rusk Eating House

Fun Fact: I am coaching my former freshman hall’s Flickerball team this year and couldn’t be more excited. (Go first Belk!)

Email Carter at cacook@davidson.edu


Caroline Evans Headshot

Caroline Evans

Hometown: Bethesda, Maryland

Majors: Physics, Hispanic Studies

What I did last summer: I did an NSF-funded Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) at UAH/NASA Marshall Space Flight Center studying the fundamental astrophysics problem of coronal heating. 

A favorite thing about Davidson: The Dana courtyard in fall - it’s a beautiful place to study and hang out with friends!

Other campus involvements: Society of Physics Students, Pep Band, Mentor for Strategies for Success, SiDES (Spanish in Davidson Elementary School), Turner Eating House, Women in Physics

Fun Fact: My stress baking in high school turned into a hobby I really enjoy! I’ve even made croissants and eclairs. 

Email Caroline at caevans@davidson.edu


Katie Felton Headshot

Katie Felten

Hometown: Elon, North Carolina

Major: Political Science

Minor: Dance

What I did last summer: I interned on Capitol Hill with Congressman David Price (my boss was a Davidson alum!). And I lived with Carter Cook!

A favorite thing about Davidson: Dr. Roberts (my amazing advisor) and all the other incredible professors who make Davidson such a valuable place. 

Other campus involvements: Gamut Dance Company, Warner Hall Executive Board, and Health Justice Committee

Fun Fact: I've been taking dance classes since before I could walk (over 20 of my 21 years!).

Email Katie at kafelten@davidson.edu


Elliot Lannon Headshot

Elliot Lannon

Hometown: East Grand Rapids, Michigan

Major: English

Minor: Film & Media Studies

What I did last summer: I interned at Ark Media in Brooklyn, working on a PBS documentary about the history of genetics.

A favorite thing about Davidson: Belonging to a community that prioritizes nurturing others.

Other campus involvements: I have served as a tour guide in the admission office, worked in the Center for Career Development and the Arab Studies department, Mock Trial, Environmental Action Coalition, and Davidson Outdoors…and I’m planning to help start a film club this year!

Fun Fact: I’m descended from Blackbeard and Leif Erikson and probably Genghis Khan…I’ve been in sword fights but did not injure my opponents.

Email Elliot at ellannon@davidson.edu


Jen Levine Headshot

Jen Levine

Hometown: Easton, Connecticut

Majors: Environmental Studies, Hispanic Studies

What I did last summer: I interned with Bright Power, an NYC-based energy and water efficiency management firm that works with multi-family and affordable housing portfolios. 

A favorite thing about Davidson: One of my favorite things about Davidson is the professors! They are constantly supporting me inside and outside of the classroom! 

Other campus involvements: Warner Hall Eating House, Davidson College Hillel, serving as an AT (Assistant Teacher) for Hispanic Studies
Fun Fact: I've climbed a glacier in Iceland! 

Email Jen at jelevine@davidson.edu


Sian Lewis Headshot

Siân Lewis

Hometown: Coventry, England

Majors: Political Science, Music

What I did last summer: I participated in the Davidson in Ghana program.

A favorite thing about Davidson: The people! As an international student I was worried that I wouldn’t have places to go during the school year, but I’ve had someone offer to let me stay in their house for every single break. Lots of wild Thanksgivings! 

Other campus involvements: Turner Eating House, Davidson College Chorale, Nuances a cappella

Fun Fact: Last semester I composed and co-produced, with another Davidson student, an EP called ‘The House,’ which was released on Spotify this summer.

Email Siân at silewis@davidson.edu


Alexandria Marsicovetere

Alexandria Marsicovetere

Hometown: Indian Land, SC

Major: Hispanic Studies

Minor: Undecided (Intended Religious or Education Studies)

What I did last summer: I participated in the Tuck Business Bridge Program for the first portion of the summer, and for the second portion, I used the Staley Grant from the Chaplains' Office to fund a project promoting unity among the children of a local children's home in my county. 

A favorite thing about Davidson: The people! Faculty, staff, students... people who not only genuinely care about others and the world around them but also work toward making the world a better place (how lucky am I to wake up in an institution characterized by people like that?!)

Other campus involvements: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Communications Consultant, Chidsey Leadership Fellow, William Holt Terry Fellow, Catholic Campus Ministry 

Fun Fact: If I could have any superpower in the world, it would be to speak all languages as familiar language can make people feel more at home. 

Email Alex at almarsicovetere@davidson.edu


Caroline Matawaran

Caroline Matawaran

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia

Majors: Hispanic Studies and Sociology

What I did last summer: I studied abroad with the Davidson in Ghana Program. Through this program, I had the opportunity to take classes at a local university and complete an internship at one of the largest hospitals in Ghana.

A favorite thing about Davidson: The initiative Davidson students take to create meaningful change both on campus and in the community. 

Other campus involvements: Davidson College Symphony Orchestra, Club Soccer, Connor Eating House

Fun Fact: I have been playing violin since I was 5 years old

Email Caroline at camatawaran@davidson.edu


Tiffany Onia Headshot

Tiffany Onia

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Major: Chemistry

Minor: Health & Human Values

What I did last summer: I spent the summer in Peru working with a health-based Non-Profit (Socios en Salud) through a grant I received from Davidson.

A favorite thing about Davidson: Davidson's commitment to and support of its students.

Other campus involvements: Student EMT, Patterson Court Council Eating House Ambassador, Senior Representative for Rusk Eating House, Bhangra Team, Volunteer at Lula Bell's, and HSIRB Board. 

Fun Fact: My favorite artist is Frida Kahlo and when I studied abroad in London, I became a member of the V&A Museum exclusively to see a temporary exhibit dedicated to her life and work.

Email Tiffany at tionia@davidson.edu


Cynthia Rodriguez Headshot

Cynthia Rodriguez

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Major: Anthropology and Educational Studies

Minor: Latin American Studies

What I did last summer: As part of my thesis research, I spent the summer studying how schools in my home neighborhood experience and respond to gentrification.

A favorite thing about Davidson: The students! I am continually impressed and excited to see my peers take on initiatives and projects on campus. I have a friend majoring in Sociology and Music Technology – her thesis project will be an album she produces. How cool is that?!

Other campus involvements: Bonner Scholars, I serve as a Defense Advisor for the Honor Council, and I am a member of the Student Initiative for Academic Diversity.

Fun Fact: I have studied abroad with Davidson four times (in Mexico, Ghana, Peru, and Ireland)!


Luis Sergio Toledo Headshot

Luis Sergio Toledo

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Majors: Education Policy & Human Development and Psychology

What I did last summer: I did research with Dr. Lauren Stutts in the Psychology department, studying predictors of depression in college students. I was also a counselor for July Experience, Davidson’s three-week college immersion program for high school students.

A favorite thing about Davidson: I love how our proximity to Main Street allows me to support local businesses.

Other campus involvements: Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc., Planned Parenthood Generation Action, Honor Council, Library Research Assistant

Fun Fact: I went to my first Model UN when I was twelve years old.

Email Luis at lutoledo@davidson.edu