Davidson's admission process is highly selective and holistic.

We seek students with outstanding academic potential and the motivation to engage our community in the classroom and beyond. Our application process allows you to demonstrate your achievements, intellectual curiosity, and aspirations.

Applicant Evaluation

Our application process is designed to allow you to demonstrate your personal achievements and your intellectual curiosity and aspirations. We seek evidence of academic success (your high school record, class rank, and standardized test scores) and well-developed interests and/or talents in the arts, athletics, leadership, and service.

In order of importance, Davidson emphasizes the following in reviewing applications:

  1. Rigor - The difficulty of high school course selections
  2. Success - Grades received in an applicant's particular course of study
  3. Writing ability and personal impact - An evaluation of essays and recommendations
  4. Involvement, leadership, and service - The depth and breadth of extracurricular pursuits
  5. Testing - Student may choose to submit scores on the SAT and/or ACT. Davidson does not consider the writing portion of either test. Students may self-report or submit official scores for the application review process. All enrolling students must submit official scores. Read more about our testing policy.

Admission Interviews

Interviews with admission representatives are not offered as a part of the application process.

In deference to the idea that college should bring people of different life experiences together, our admission staff seeks students from varying backgrounds. We also consider a broad range of achievement, recognizing that excellence comes in many forms. At Davidson, each application is read carefully. Accordingly, we urge you to complete your application materials honestly, thoroughly, and on time.

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Important Dates

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